Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mr. Jingles

So tonight, I was putting the final touches on my latest culinary masterpiece (it is really a sheer miracle if it tastes half way decent).

Thank the Good Lord that my man is not picky, eats whatever I fix and tells me that its the best thing he ever tasted.

I hear my man say, "I think something is swimming in the pool." Oh no, please Jesus, not another snake!

So he and the little guy trek out there to check out our new friend. I follow in tow, and ask if it was a snake? a turtle? Nope, no turtle. A FIELD MOUSE!

This sweet thing (trust me, it is cute because I have never in my life called a mouse cute before) had swum to safety and his safety boat was the vacuum hose.

Of course, I declare, "I need a picture!" He whips out his camera and takes a pic on his phone. That is when I nominate him the best blogging assistant EVER!

Joe quickly grabbed the pool net and like the knight in shining armor that he continually proves that he is, he swept that mouse up and saved Mr. Jingles life (you've seen The Green Mile, right?). Then, he even went inside and got some cheese to feed our new pet.

When we sat down to dinner he said, "Now if Isaac was just a little bit older, then Mr. Jingles would be in a box in his room right now." Even though I wanted to say "Mr. Jingles is NEVER coming inside." I figured a cool mom would let her son have a pet mouse. Thankfully I have some time to work up to that.


Laura Jo said...

a cool mom lets Mr. Jingles have some cheese... a supercool mom buys him a sweater that says 'mice are nice' and teaches him to squeak on command.

Sarah Wronko said...

How are you? I miss you!

The Durham's said...

cute....creepy, but cute! can't wait to catch up:)