Friday, May 30, 2008

Joe is the BIG 3-0!

To celebrate the fun, we made a little trip to the white sandy beaches of Galveston and gallivanted in the clear blue water of the Gulf. :) Although Galveston will always be Galveston, it was great family time and I cherished every minute of it. We spent time on the beach, shopped, walked around on The Strand, and enjoyed lots of yummy seafood.

Here are some pics from our time together...

Picture Bonanza

HALLELUYAH! We are back with pictures gallore! There is all kinds of are Isaac & Friends...

His Mimi...
The horses here at Southfork at sunset...

Lea, Susan, & his new friend Cooper

Grammy Nicole
Mommy with her little man...

Lexa is a baby whisperer Nicole & I

This is Isaac staring at Joe so intently and I think he was thinking, "He is so cool, I want to be just like him."

Its more difficult taking a family pic ourselves...
Lomama gave Isaac his first piano lessons...

With his cousin, London....

April threw quite the Monkey party for her sweet son, Brandt.

Fun Noel
Sweet Katie
The most precious thing since Apple Pie, Payton.
The parentals.

He loves his tongue.

He got to meet Aunt Teeta
April throws an amazing party for her sweet son, Brandt!
Love this little guy.

My mom, "JJ" is her grandma name.

Otherwise known as "grandad"
His favorite sleep position.
His second home, since we are always on the go.

This is my "God- dog" :) a.k.a. Bailey

Isaac's dad is hot!

Little man is SO BIG!
His crib.
The wonderful ladies that prayed Isaac into this world. I miss my women's ministry mamas...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

For The Love

So girls, I just have to share my most embarassing moment of the new move so far. Keep in mind that even before Jesus I just wasn't a big drinker and if I ever did, it sure wasn't a beer. My uncle is coming to the Ranch tonight and after 5 p.m., he drinks beer like water so he can't be without.So, we wanted to get some in the fridge so he would have something to drink when he got here. So I ask Joe if I will have to go to Madisonville to get Corona Light (his water of choice) and he says no I saw an ad in the Normangee paper yesterday advertising the Beer Barn and its open from 10 am to 9 pm. Okay, here we go...

So I drive into town and come upon the Beer Barn which is actually a converted barn that has big coolers in it. There is also a carport thing on the side of the barn that looks like it would be for a "drive thru." So I drive through and roll my window down and ask, "Am I doing this right?" She looks at me very strangely and says I'm okay. Then I proceed to ask, "Do you come to my window or do I need to get out?" She informs me that I need to get out. I wonder what the purpose of drive thru is if you have to get out of your car. Strange. I ask for a case because I don't know the lingo. She brings me two 12, that's a lot of beer. Then, she asks for my driver's license and studies it very carefully. Then she asks if I have ANOTHER FORM OF ID!?! Wow! I am coming upon 28 for goodness sakes. I offer my debit card with my picture and she studies them both very intently. She tells me to have a good day but I am sure the word around town will be that the new girl can throw 'em back! Next to our land here, there is Sand Prairie Baptist Church and I wouldn't be surprised if they hold a prayer vigil for their new neighbors.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its Official

So we are officially residents of Normangee, TX! It has been a wild and adventerous last week and half. I'm really glad we are here and that our little family is all together!

I wanted to ask all of my blogging friends for a little prayer request. Please pray that we can get settled quickly and that whatever demons have posessed my camera would be exorcised asap! I have a major picture back up and a blog is not a blog without pictures. Plus my little man is 14 pounds and is in the 90% in weight (wow!) and you have to see him before he looks like a toddler. Whew...I can feel your prayers already.

Now for a little fun (but its oh, so true!). You might be in Normangee if...

1. The post man tells you, "You dont look like you're from around here."

2. People wave when they pass you on the road.

3. The cleaners doesn't have a "In by 9, out by 5 policy" Nope, I took it at 8:45 a.m. this morning (Tuesday) and cant pick it up until after 5 on THURSDAY!

4. You see your neighbor every time you go to the little grocery store.

5. A family event is walking down to the mail box.

6. When people talk about going "into town" they are talking about Madisonville.

7. In 2000, wikepedia says that Normangee's population was 719 people. I'm sure its grown since then but either way now its 722.

8. The tax appraiser raises your property taxes 80% because he heard you did some renovations on the place.

9. The megachurh is when you have over 100 people in your morning worship.

10. The last way you know you're in Normangee is if you see the Terry family out to greet you because we are so excited you came to visit.

So...which weekend are YOU coming?? :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Live From Southfork Ranch

I am reporting live from Southfork Ranch this week. Okay, its not Southfork, but that's what Joe and I call it. I apparently missed one of the greatest phenomenons on television because I didn't get to watch "Dallas" as a child. Oh, but Joe is the show's biggest fan. Its hilarious to hear him talk about it because he doesn't even like t.v. He teases my American Idol watching and laughs when I get so excited about a new season of "So You Think You Can Dance."

Every morning I have the joy of being awakened by birds calling to one another and horses neighing in the pastures. My companionship is the sweetest people that work out here but its difficult to communicate... my Spanish is quite rusty. I wish I had pictures to show you but my camera is being finicky again- its not that old, what in the world!?!

The good news is that my sweet husband got me a VIDEO CAMERA for our anniversary, so once I get that bad boy figured out (I am not the techy sort) then there will be videos on here as well. wahoo! I'm so excited about that. I am sorry I didn't post about the anniversary, I like picture posts, but I made myself post today without a single pic. The bottom line of our anniversary was lots of quality time, shopping excursions, fun dinners, Victoria's Secret, and lots and lots of packing.

Love and miss you all....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My New Best Friend

So when the Lord was passing out boobs, he sent me to the hiney line twice. SO since nursing I have entered into a whole new world. I have been trying to exercise more often and more rigorously, but I feel like when I run I look like Dolly in a boxing ring- i kid. I am not that huge, but when you're used to having NOTHING and no bouncing going on whatsoever, it really can be a hindrance.

So I solicited the sugar daddy for some cash to strap my new friends down. So I visited our local sporting goods fiesta and asked the helper lady for her best reccomendation. She assured me that this baby would be my best bet. So I went to the fitting room to try it on and much to my glorious surprise, I jumped, ran and did jumping jacks in the dressing room (not exaggerating) and these puppies were locked and loaded. It wasn't like it was strangling me either; it was a perfect fit. No more excuses for me. Its time to put my money where my mouth is and hit the trail a blazin'.

I got this picture of my new bff off their website- if you're interested.