Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mom Vacation

I have been missing in action and I don't know where the time has flown. I am going to post a few entries of what we have been up to...

Two weeks ago, in the midst of the Ranch potentially selling, Isaac had a pediatrician appt. Our new pediatrician down this way couldn't get us in for awhile, so we decided to go back to our pediatrician in Dallas.

Since we were going to be heading up that direction, we decided to stay a couple days. We got to stay with our Dallas family.

It was truly like a vacation for mom. Her kids love playing with Isaac and were always vying for who is going to hold him next. What a wonderful break! I enjoyed my time with them so much, left so refreshed, and had greater vision for God's calling for me as a wife and mother.

Thank you for a wonderful time, I love you very much!

This was the basket I found in the room we were staying in- was this not a 4 star hotel or what!?!


Nicole said...

We loved having you guys! Such a hightlight of my summer. We all miss you both tremndously!

By the way...what kind of woman puts a fitness magazine and a bag of Dove Chocolates togeter???

Michawn said...

i thought the same things nicole! that's funny. but, i would definitely do the same thing...and yummy! how fun for you melissa. i know you had a great, refreshing time.