Monday, May 25, 2009

Petting Zoo

You could mistake it out here for a petting zoo with all the new additions to Southfork. I can't wait for you to meet them...

First, this little gem was curled up just like this picture in the middle of an F.M. road by our house. We blocked the road and tried to get it to go off into the woods and find its mom. After much agonizing and debate, we decided to bring it back to the ranch and nurse it to health. There have been several guesses that its anywhere from 2-5 days old. Its name is yet to be determined....

"Pops" giving Isaac the birds eye view. (He calls it "de", that's as close to deer as he's gotten yet)
Here's our ranch foreman showing us how to nurse it, since he's nursed many of foals in his day.

I am not sure if you remember, "Billy" our unoriginal name for a very sweet, loving yet mischievous goat. Well, he had a run-in with the "teaser stud" (now for all you city girls, like me, who don't know what that is- they bring the mares up to that horse to tell if they are in "heat." So basically, this guy gets a lot of teasin' and not a lot of action. Bottom line= he's sexually frustrated.) Billy lost that fight and went to goat heaven. My cousins were eager to get a new ranch mascot, so meet Nick.
My uncle named this angel after our boy, and his name couldn't be more perfect. Meet "Prince Isaac"...

Here's another picture of the goats with my cousin and her friend. Nick is the white one and Simon is the brown one. They are "fainting goats" and several of the guys have tried without relenting to get them to faint. They have tried all kind of antics. What they didn't think of was to bring a one year old out into the stall. Let Isaac loose and Simon froze up like a little popsicle and fell over.

We also had Bailey, Laura's boxer and my "God-dog" (yes, there is such a thing), here for a week while she was cruising to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. She was fun and Isaac was o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d! Seriously. In other words, I heard him say "Bay-ee" about 50 times a day. Here he is demonstrating how has them trained....

Last of all, this year it has been infestation of the turtles. They are everywhere out here. Isaac loves to try to slap their shell and yell "tutu." Meet one of our many hard shelled friends...

Our little furry (and not so furry) friends can't wait to meet you! :)

30 plus 1

Not me folks, unfortunately, because goodness knows I love growing older. No it was my man who turned 31 yesterday! Babe, you make 31 look delicious!

Joe's parents came in and they bring the party when they come!

Here the guys turned the yard into a driving range.

Isaac with his "Mimi"

For those of you who have heard of my baking blunders, I have struck again. I was making Joe's favorite, chess cake. I read it online where someone had made it in a bundt pan and I thought that seemed more birthday-ish, but in order to do that with this recipe I had the bright idea of switching it around. Putting the icing on the bottom of the pan and then the cake part at the top. Oh for the love, here is a picture of the outcome...

Then we also played badminton- Terrys vs. Terrys. They totally whooped up on us. We had to fight the second game and staged the greatest badminton come back in record to even come out with a little dignity. Here's Joe with the victors after we got our sweat on!

Happy Birthday Babe!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Mommy With Love

A very sweet friend, Corina Lucas, wrote this poem and sent it to me this week. I wish I could describe what a blessing this gift has been to me and how God has used it to bring healing to places where a place seems to be missing- until then I will let you read. If you have a baby in heaven this Mother's Day, I pray that you will read this as if its for you too...

To Mommy with Love, Isabel

I wanted to meet you in the spring
From the minute I started forming
I knew I was in a special place
I knew I was loved by you, daddy, and my big brother
Even though I couldn’t hear yet
The vibrations from your heartbeat lulled me
I knew you were talking to Jesus about me

Jesus said I could meet you in the spring
As the flowers were opening
As new life was forming everywhere
How happy I felt being hugged by your tummy
I was excited about seeing you in the fall
But Jesus missed me
And I missed Him; I really did

I had to say good-bye to you in the spring
Before the sun blazed
Before the pool was filled and the days were long
Before the seasons changed
But I’m not the same…I’m still changing
Changing with you; my family

Jesus said I would see you again in the spring
I sit on His knee every day
We give laughter a good workout
He picked a daisy for me and put it behind my ear
He told me what a good mommy you are
How you planted a tree for me
And I smiled – I felt proud of being so loved

Thank you for meeting me this spring
Jesus says He’s taking care of you
He tells me stories about my brother that make me giggle
And about how strong my daddy is
But when He talks about you His voice gets real soft
And I lean forward so I can hear Him whisper
Sometimes He even cries when He talks about you
I asked Him what He likes best
He said you were a good mommy and loved daddy
But most of all, He said you snuggled with His heart
And that He was glad you are best friends

It will be summer soon, pretty mommy
And even though Jesus took me away
I know I’ll always be in your heart
Especially on Mother’s Day
If you lean forward you can hear me whisper
“I love you, mommy...I’ll see you in the spring”

Bless you Corina and know the Lord has more in store for you than you could ask, imagine or even dream...just wait on Him.

Know that as I celebrate, I am too celebrating all of you and the wonderful contribution you make to the Kingdom as you raise your children unto Him. Happy Mother Day!