Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cool Mom!

When I was about 30 weeks pregnant, Joe and I were chatting one night. I sighed and said to him, "Babe, I really want to be a cool mom." To which he replied, "What is a cool mom to you?" Good question and it is one that has spun into months of conversation and brainstorming. I have far from attained cool mom status, its more like the in equivocal Proverbs 31 listing. Everything you desire to be in a mom, so comment with what you would add to my list. So here is what we've come up with so far:

Cool moms...

1. Love Jesus but aren't religious.

2. Make love makin' a priority and don't use the kids as excuse not to :)

3. Get on the floor and play with their kids.

4. Try their best to take care of themselves.

5. Dress up for their husbands on occasion.

6. Can talk about other subjects other than their kids

7. Have great relationships with her kids but aren't afraid to have healthy boundaries and discipline

8. Aren't uptight about every little spill and fall

9. Take lots of great pictures of her kids

10. Know they have influence and use it for His kingdom

I have some girlfriends who know about my desire to be a cool mom and have gotten me some paraphernalia. I think they think that if I trick my brain into thinking that I'm a cool mom, then I'll start acting like one :) First, the ultimate cool mom, Nicole, got me a custom made mug that says "cool mom" on it. How thoughtful and sweet is that!?! Then, Laura made me a shirt that says, "cool mom." I have actually worn this shirt in Dallas while working out and gotten some pretty hilarious stares.

So, I was thinking about this post this weekend while my in-laws were her celebrating the 4th. I walk out to the pool and I see my sister in law, Julie, doing a cannon ball off the diving board.
Then, she proceeds to slide down the slide on her stomach and try to land on the raft at the same time. Then it hit me! Julie is definitely a COOL MOM! She is all the above and so much more. Julie, your family is so blessed to have you. We love you!

Above is Julie and her daughter, Hannah.
This is my beautiful mother-in-love letting Isaac dip his toes in.

Have a great week!


Jen Sprayberry said...

love the pictures. Just so you know, you are the coolest mom I know!

Jodi said...

I think a cool mom is someone who can laugh at the tough situations and hold her head high. She is also someone who can cry at the same situation because she isn't afraid to show her emotions:)

Nicole said...

You are a cool mom, Mel, just face it and receive!! I think it is funny that you say I am cool when I dont even make all the things on your list!! :)