Friday, July 25, 2008

Speaker phone Theory

So my mom and I have this theory and it goes a little something like this. If her and I talk to each other each time on speak phone, its almost like she is there. Then the little man gets more familiar with her voice and then knows that is his grandma. Or it could backfire on me and he thinks that my pink floweredy razor phone has lots of different voice settings. I think it works, what do you think? If you would like to be a part of our experimental theory, then next time you call let me know you want to be on speaker phone. Deal.

Here are some pics to leave you with for the weekend.

My blue-eyed boys.

Here God is showing off His creation for us out our back door.

I updated my last post with the latest regarding Southfork :)

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sevans said...

You should also get a web cam. It is a great way for Isaac to see Grandma!