Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tillin' up the hard ground.

This is our third new city in five years.


We have been around this mountain before. Why does my response look eerily similar to the last time?

We have felt God's staff leading us and know this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Nonetheless, change sucks. I am learning how to adapt but it is simply not my strong suit. It really brings out the utter ugly.

Also, my little guy has been having a rough bout of things as well. He is a people person through and through. He would choose his favorite people over toys every single time. He gets beside himself when he sees his favorites. When we talk about what we are thankful for, it is always people (and occasionally creation). He has talked about all of his people every day, how much he misses them, calls them on his "hand" phone, and unfortunately, he has acted out worse and more often than ever.

On one of my rougher days I said to Joe at lunch, "What do you think about planting a garden?" He kind of tilted his head to the side. (What do you say to your emotional wife in moments like these? Smile and nod your head).

I hope it will serve us well to have our hands drenched in soil. As we tended to those plants daily I hope we will be reminded of God's gracious care for us. When we watered the garden as the Texas heat continues to climb, I hope we will ponder how plants require heat in order to grow and bear fruit....long, extended times of sun exposure. Not to mention, we love a good veggie or two around here.

I have always dreamed of having a garden but you don't really understand what kind of undertaking this would be for me. I cannot keep a house plant alive. When my mother-in-love, an expert gardener, talks to me about gardening it is only to suggest the most rugged, lowest maintenance plants around(just because she knows me). Even then, that plant is sentenced to death row. I spent several nights googling things like, "gardening for dummies" and "How to garden with a brown thumb." We are still in serious need for free advice.

We would like to formally welcome you to the Inaugural Terry family garden...

We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, jalapenos, squash, cilantro, red and yellow onions. We say if you're going to kill a bunch of plants you might as well go BIG!

I do have the best garden assistant ever. He tramples...i mean, waters the plants with me.

He sure does give it his all.
And blocks outside the garden usually get watered too.

If we were all at dinner tonight, we would bow our heads to give thanks through whom all real, lasting fruit comes and we would raise our glass to a bountiful harvest.

"And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and dry places and make strong your dry bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose water fails not." Isa. 58:11 (amp)

I'll keep you posted ;)


Kirby said...

I love you. And this post. For so many reasons. Maybe we'll finally catch each other this week on the phone? Oh, how I miss you!

bee said...

that little boy is such a dude; shirtless, cowboy boots and watering. so cute. So PROUD of you as a mom.