Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby girl is busy

Baby girl you are full blown entertainment these days. I love to watch you take in life with every turn. You are an absolute joy and such a God-given gift to our family.

You are really busy these days. Your walk looks more like one of those professional power walkers because you have places to go and things to take care of.

The pediatrician told me you were a little under weight and asked about what I was feeding you. What a joke! Your little tummy pokes over your pants like a pregnant lady and those thighs of yours are almost edible. You are just adorable!

You say so many things but here are a few of my favorites right now. When you first wake up, the first thing you say is, "Where's Isaac?" He, of course, is by far your favorite person on the planet but you know just how to irritate him. I try hard not to laugh when you take his toy and run. You two love to play playdoh together and you make these laughable grunting noises as you shape your playdoh just how you want it. You two also like to play chase and tackle, you both get the unstoppable giggles.

Can you believe those curls? I doubt they are here to stay but I'm enjoying every day with them.

When you want something you say "pease (please)" incessantly until I respond. We are trying to teach you to say please once and wait, but you may have taken a lesson or two from the persistent widow. You are my fruit and carb little lady. Getting you to eat meat and veggies are a little more work. Also, I must mention, you don't like kid vitamins. What child does not like those gummy things? Then, when you are done with your food, you boisterously exclaim, "ALL D!"

Your favorite animal is ducks and when you quack, you laugh every time. You really like Elmo and exclaim his name every time you want to read your Elmo books. You take your book, turn around, and wiggle your little hiney right onto any one's lap who will read to you.

You enjoy reading

But you love dancing. You have some signature moves: the one armed pump fake, the I look constipated, and the I'm so excited that I fall over.

Your favorite way to help is in the kitchen. You like to take out some of my utensils and create your own dishes alongside mommy. Not to mention, you are a big helper with the dish washer.

You are also a professional mess maker. At least 5 times a day I hear Isaac say, "Mom, Elyana is taking everysing (everything) out!" Its true. The bathroom cabinets, the bookshelves, the pots, the is constant reminding in this stage that we take one thing out at a time ;)

Here's you pointing to your hair. Its getting longer now and it makes bow-dom so much easier.

Here's you pointing to your mouth. You are getting your 15 mo. molars and poor thing you have been fussy.
When you point to your belly or your feet you insist on tickling yourself. Too cute!
Who needs a playground when you have the best kid dog e.v.e.r!?!

"Your eyes are a window to all my childhood dreams." - Watermark

We love you, Ely belly!

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Michawn said...

wow, she is just beautiful...and looking so much like you these days. gorgeous...and fun, sweet post. give her a kiss for us.