Thursday, April 21, 2011

The crushed child and a bumper sticker

So Isaac hit a kid on the Chick fil a playground. We have turned in that family as of late.

He came out of the playland for a full blown confessional.

We headed back into the play land to make amends with the little soul. Upon entering said playland, I hear weeping and gnashing of teeth. Its the little guy and he has managed to climb to the furthest tier of the playland. Bless his heart.

After several minutes of him continuing to cry and refusing to come down. Isaac and I scaled up to the top for a mending of hearts. When we made it to the top you could tell he was crushed. Isaac was very apologetic, they made up and then we all three made our way down the slide. Our train of play land reconciliation.

The mom and I were making small talk that lead to Easter which lead to inviting her to the Austin Stone Easter Celebration.

I did reassure her, "Hitting. Its not taught there."

A couple of days later the kids and I are headed to visit my aunt in Central Austin. I was making a left and the car behind me didn't have enough time to stop (i don't know if she wasn't paying attention?) and in an attempt to miss from hitting my car hit the front left corner of my car.

So thankful she didn't T-bone our car b/c Isaac would have been right there. So thankful I was in the white tank (i.e. the suburban). So thankful everyone was okay.

I prayed- "God, do you want me to tell her about you?"

I introduced myself to the other driver and she had apparently been in an accident 2 years ago and knew the drill. Within a few minutes the fire trucks and policeman were on the scene. We exchanged info, they made a police report, and the emergency workers cleaned up the mess.

Then, I looked down and saw a "Jesus" sticker on her car! Are you serious? People don't have these in Austin. The "coexist" bumper stickers are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. I asked her if she loved Jesus and where she went to church. Let me tell you, when I lived in Austin 10 years ago mark my word this would not have been the case. God has been up to some big things in austin, tx in the last decade. Instead I just got to ask how I could pray for here and we went on with the accident process.

Isaac thought this was one of the coolest The fire man gave him stickers, the policeman let him touch their emergency vehicles, and the wrecker let him work alongside them.

When the "hooker guy" (as Isaac called the wrecker) let Isaac crank the car up onto the tow truck and it was almost too much for his little heart to hold.

Does life get much better than that for this for a 3 yr old boy?

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