Monday, April 18, 2011

Maiden Voyage

For work, Joe wears many hats. My dad calls him "jack of all trades." It is true that if he doesn't know it, then he wants to. His middle name, Daniel, is so fitting- "well versed in every branch of learning." (Daniel 1:4)

Part of his responsibility is to oversee my uncle's thoroughbred operation. When Normangee went under contract then my uncle always knew that he would like to have horse property in the hill country. He bought 94 acres southwest of Austin (near the Austin zoo) and we are buying a few acres in the corner to build a home.

Until then, we are living in the trailer. God bless our new home. I'm doing my best to focus on all the things I love about our new abode. Poor thing, it tries really hard. I am so thankful that Joe approved a new paint job because the wallpaper could have made my great grandmother cry it was so awful. It feels homey. It has enough room for Joe to have a home office and the kitchen has room for more than one person. Everyone is close enough that its easy to keep tabs on toddlers and a quick pick up before we leave the house takes less than 15 minutes. We are in business!

The land is beautiful but inexplicably raw. The previous owners inherited it from their father. The only saying proves true here, "When its every body's, its no body's." There has been very little maintenance or upkeep done on the land in some time. Everyone who comes out to the property looks like a deer in the headlights and usually mutters at some point, "wow, there is a lot of work to do." Its true. I have a three year mind set for this place.

My husband, visionary developer extraordinaire, can see the diamond in the rough.

Some days I can too. There have been a couple of days I am drowning in cedar remnants, bull dozers, dilapidated house debris, and cow manure (there used to be cattle on the land).

On the property there is a small portion of Barton Creek and Joe has been itchin' to test his kayak on the waters.

The other day the boys ventured out for their maiden voyage.

It looked so much fun that I climbed in afterward.

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