Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fridge Kind of Tacky Makes Me Happy

The last couple of weeks the rubber has met the road. The moving craziness has been reduced to a couple of trailer tasks and we are mostly settled. Just two minor or not so minor details.

We are missing a part for our double wide stove. For the last month it has been strictly stove top cooking. To my relief we picked up our microwave and grill this last week so I don't have to be quite so creative in the cooking department.

Other not so minor detail is our water. We had someone come test our water and when they did, the man said that it was crazy bad and he wouldn't let his dog drink it. No wonder my hair feels fried, it leaves weird spots on my dishes, and no matter how many times we ran the water the water through our Brita filter it still tasted like we were drinking out of a sewer.

One thing at a time around here.

On the other hand, there's nothing like coming home to a nicely decorated refrigerator, right? When we moved into the trailer, I am sure Joe was hoping that the fridge adornment would be left in storage. Alas, I strategically put it in one of the few boxes that were labeled "Terry Trailer."

And for good reason.

There is nothing like warm memories of those you love, missionaries, compassion children, toddler art, and "Wise Words for Moms" to christen a new season.

There are two cuties that we live closer to now too. Joe's brother and his family live in Pfluegerville and we couldn't be more thrilled to be closer to them and seeing them more often. She gave me their school pics at lunch last week and they are making our fridge look extra cute.

There is something about a colorful fridge to make a mama's heart thankful.

I'm sorry about my small pics. One way or another we are going to get the SLR back in working order. Until then, you just get tiny, barely visible tastes of what I'm talking about. Thanks for hanging in there with me ;)

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