Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Larry King Live Moment

Trying to get all four people dressed and looking pristine for Easter is no small task.

Easter sized breakfast? French toast and turkey smokies. Showers? Quick ones. Hair fixed? A little. Matching outfits? Oh wait, (someone else dressed Isaac) and we have to try for round 2. Bow? Where is the bow? We put it in and now she has taken it out again. "Elyana, keep you bow in child." Bloomers? Oops, forgot those. Diapers? Hope I have enough. Accessories? They might not compliment but I am goign to rock them anyways. Snacks? Got 'em. Bibles? Yes.The camera? Never. Canned food for the food collection? Oh wait, we forgot those so we are going to have to stop at the store. Oh wait, its Easter and stores are closed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The convenient store? It works.

You know, after all of that we got there early (just the way my man likes it). We had fairly decent parking and were able to check in our kids without standing in line. While we are checking the kids in, this precious reporter taps me on the shoulder and asks if I will do an interview for the news. Me? The news? Oh no.

As I walked to her prepped area, my honest to goodness only prayer was, "Lord, please help me not to have a Joel Osteen Larry King Live theological gaff. Please."

She interviews me for about 5 minutes about why we are at the Stone, why we like it, what Easter means to me, and why its important to give back on Easter. Of course, talking about Easter made me tear up and of course that is the portion that the news chose. Not to mention, what I said might not be the most theologically sound.

This is why you take systematic theology.

The service was amazing. Worshipping our risen Lord all together was really powerful. The Ugandan children's choir was there and I was crying (shocker, right? ;). Matt's message about restoration ministered to me and I am sure to every person. A wonderful Easter that included a long nap by every member of the Terry tribe.

So without further is the clip. (I'm about halfway in)

Love you all.


Meme said...

miss your beautiful face!So thankful for Easter... and that I can KNOW that one day we will worship together again :-)

Haley said...

loved the interview! Completely random and last minute, but we are making a daytrip to the Waco zoo tomorrow if you are interested! We are going to meet at a friends house at I35 and 1431 (North Austin by the outlet mall) at 9:00. We will have a picnic lunch at the zoo then walk around a while. It's a lovely little zoo, it will take a few hours to walk through. Anyway, call me or email me if you and your cuties want to join us! or 653-8733

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

oh girl! you did soooo awesome. way to represent! and your outfit was rocking and Elyana was precious! i love that you were holding her.

you def did not have a Joel moment. that's fo sho!

Cindy said...

That is awesome! And you rocked your accessories ;)
Love you!

Nicole said...

I loved it!! You did great and you girls looked beautiful! Loved that you were real and didn't give some Sunday came from your heart! :)

Nicole said...

supposed to say "Sunday SCHOOL answer..." :)