Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Salute to a great season!

Oh Rangers, we must salute you for a great season. Ever since I met Joe, he has been talking about their glory seasons in '96 and '98 and how he went to the games but the team just bombed! Before every season, he gets all ramped up and declares, "Babe, I really think this is going to be our year." Poor thing.

Well, this year, they delivered! We have had a lot of fun as a family following them in the post season.

I have told you a little about our history of lovin' some rangers baseball here and an old school chronology of some Terry times at the Rangers here.

My dad is an avid sports fan and wanted to treat our family to a postseason game- I love you, dad! We had the wonderful privilege of going with great friends, Kendra and Allen.

My dad wanted to take us to a world series game, then he talked to his ticket broker and it was $2400 per ticket!!! Oh my word!! Can you believe that!?! I couldn't. I told my dad that I could not even enjoy or sit in a seat that I knew cost that much. We both thought that was stupid and agreed we would cheer them on from our couch.

My hilarious, old, and wonderful friend Laura left the Big D to join the cheering from Normangee, Tx. God bless her.

And she came bearing gifts. These shirts are hilarious only if you are a Rangers fan. The front of both is a sketch of Ron Washington their manager and two of his infamous quotes. Isaac's shirt is Josh Hamilton and you can watch his amazing testimony here and the other is just a nickname for outfielder Vladimir Guerrero.

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