Thursday, July 1, 2010

Night at the Park

My amazing husband has put us on a new budget. One that hits me right where it hurts. Gifts and starbucks. (More on what we're saving and believing for in future posts).

Basically the gist is that we are only purchasing needs right now. What constitutes a need you may ask- I've asked too. I can tell you things that aren't needs:

1. Hair bows- sorry baby girl. I will say that the great bow search of twenty ten landed on these beauties. Even before this I would never pay $24 dollars for a bow. But I did think about it.

2. Starbucks- Let me tell you a Soy Iced Chai can make any day into my personal heaven. Yes, it is a problem.

3. Father's Day Present- let me tell you that being on a gift restricted budget is one of the most difficult things. Not that gifts are my love language- because they're not. I just love to give gifts. Especially to my husband.

With that dilemma in mind, I had to pull out all the stops for Father's Day for being the best dad. Challenge accomplished largely due to our Aunt Lomommy. She hooked us up with some sweet tickets to the Rangers vs. Astros opening night of the fight for the golden boot and there were fireworks after the game. Win, win, win. Did I mention the tickets and parking were free? Oh, my man loved me something fierce.

Now, let me tell you a little something about the Terrys. When I first met Joe, that sweet bachelor ate out at least 2 meals a day. Seriously.

When we lived in Dallas, eating out is a way of life. There are so many fabulous restaurants that tempt you every time you get in your car.

In over four years, we have been working to tame our restaurant beast but it takes re-training your mind (and a whole lot of eating my cooking-yikes!).

All that to say, when we packed up tacos to eat in the car before the game- you have to know we mean business.

If you see this little cutie on Fox Sports now you'll why.

Love this one.

We learned the hard way to wait to tell Isaac about exciting outings. The entire week before the game, a sweet two year old woke me up in the 6 o'clock hour with, "Mama, is today rangers baseball?"

We were sitting along the third base line and you better believe mama bear was praying for safety for wayward foul balls. I have forever been scarred by the guy sitting near us in 2006 who inadvertently caught a foul ball with his face. Isaac brought his glove just in case.

Justin Smoak was up to bat and one popped really high in the air and I immediately knew it was coming for us. I was holding Elyana, shoved her under the chair, and stood over her trying to form a shield. Some old friends were sitting next to us and he leaned over and protected us from the ball. I saw the ball roll at my feet. He picked up the ball and graciously gave it to Isaac.

Every boys dream.

Here he is- the hero of the day. Bless you Mr. Cloud!

After all of that- we didn't make it to the fireworks. We headed home; what a day at the ball field! Thank you again Laura- we had a blasT!


Megan said...

This post had me cracking up!

1) because of the budget. How this reminds me of our house! The bows, the starbucks, the tacos in the car... :) The good news is that baby E can borrow any of Sawyer's bows she is so constantly given by the grandparents.

2) I can so picture you shoving Elyana under the chair- hilarious!

Can't wait to be home and hanging out with you guys! And thanks for our chat today!

Love you!

the rodriguez crew said...

You are so darn funny, and when I see one of your posts pop up I know that I'm going to laugh (the tacos in the car - classic)! But the best part is, you always give me something to think about! (I'm still frantically using up our deodorant so that I can get on the alum-free train). :)

happy long weekend!

Jen said...

You go super wife! I'm proud of you, as always. You're amazing, as always and I love you and miss you, as always!!!!