Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scenery, Sickness, Sweets, and Snow

3 Surprises for 30.

Yes, my man completely outdid himself.

The first surprise was that we were going to Colorado!

All four of us in the suburban all the way to Colorado.

I love road trips. I love every restroom stop, stretch break, eat random things in random towns, creating things to escape the boredom, and heart to heart conversations. Also, please do not forget the sleeping. My parents tell me that my dad would rock me for hours when I was a baby. When I get back in the car, the rhythms of the road must bring me back to those days as an infant. Even when I can't possibly sleep any more, I can will myself to sleep.

To make matters even more fun, these seven loves of my heart were going to be in Breckenridge at the same time. Sigh...heart melt.

We left the weekend before Thanksgiving and my man was a road warrior and drove the entire way. Just about when we were arriving in our condo and dreaming of what our week had in store for us, Isaac started feeling a little funny. Within a few hours it was apparent that he had the croup.

I was really disappointed. We had been battling sickness for almost 2 months prior to our trip and I was ready to be done. Between an altitude headache, nursing my baby girl extra because of the altitude and taking care of my little guy it took me a couple of days to get out of my funk of self pity. So gross.

It was unseasonably cold the week we were there (negative temps several days). Those temperatures, lots of snow, and strong winds were not a good combination for the babies so we spent countless hours in this living room.

We reacquainted ourselves with "Go Fish" and "Yahtzee" doing anything to keep us from cabin fever.

In the mornings we would take turns hanging out with the kids while the other person would go to the gym. If I'm going to be that close to a mountain and not snowboard, then THIS is how I like to work out...

With the negative temperatures, Joe was stoking the fire every hour for sheer necessity not just ambiance. We did made a pact to spoon by the fire every night and it was divine.

With all this sickness going around, our men sent us out for some girl time in the quaint downtown. I got to enjoy Nicole's wonderful company over a shared decadent salad and a latte...I could get used to that. I just love everything about her.

(pic to come)

While we were in CO, I had really hoped that Joe could do something fun and adventurous...let his manhood roar. Ice climbing and dog sledding were not in season. So snow mobiling it was. Him and John took the three older kids and by the time they got to the top of the mountain the kids were crying because their little bodies were so cold. What warriors!

Thankfully everyone recovered (mostly) in time for Thanksgiving so we could get together and have a feast. And a feast it was. John and Nicole had been watching the Food Network and they went all out. It was delicious.

The boys got to finally venture out into the snow for a little sledding!

Our last day in Colorado was my actual birthday and the Graves offered to watch our little people so we could have a lunch date. Lunch, coffee, and a little shopping with my man in the mountains on a gorgeous day...yes please!

Colorado, you know of my love for thee and thank you for treating us so kindly. We won't be back until our littlest is at least 4 (and we are hoping for more children)so its going to be awhile. Please don't take it personally.

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