Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moms just want to have fun!

It was Megan's birthday and we were a little late celebrating so we were going to do it right.

A few of us met for dinner. There was talk about something "wild and crazy," but its Monday night.

What happens on Monday night? Nothing.

Ideas? Walking around Target. Is that not the most MOM suggestion you have ever heard. And it was mine. LAME-0.

After a few minutes of deliberating, out of the recesses of MY high school days came, "We could pull a prank on someone."

We were sold.

Between the three of us there were three husbands and five sleeping babies at home. Are we too old for this?

We called the best pranker we knew to ask for some free consulting and she happened to be headed to the exact coffee shop parking lot that we were sitting in. She hopped in the car and she told stories of her most infamous pranks. We laughed until our bellies hurt reminiscing of devious old times.

We decided on Kirby's brother and his roommate were prime targets for saran wrapping their cars. We got there to find that his roommate's car was the only one there. We decided to go for it anyway.

Please try to picture the two beautiful women that I am with are pregnant. And pranking. I am really out of my "A" game. A site for sore eyes.

"Someone" bumps the side mirror with her elbow and the car starts to make some really abnoxious noises. They immediately bolt off; I've never seen two preggos move so fast. I, on the other hand, duck down into the grass and get into Jack Bauer mode. Then I realized they weren't coming back so I took off towards the car.

His car= too sensitive. This prank was a no go.

We have supplies and we are out late. We can't go home with our tail between our legs.

Who else would think this funny? None other than the queen of pranks herself. Yes, we decide to go back to the coffee shop parking lot and pull a prank on one of our favorite college girls.

There were parking lot lights as bright as the sun. She was parked in the very front near the doors and there were people walking out of the coffee shop about every minute. We didn't get arrested and not one single person said anything to us. Not one.

Then, we took this picture and sent it to her.

We love you, Stephanie. Thanks for inspiring us!


Charlie said...

Was Steph parked in a handicap spot?

Megan said...

This was the most fun night ever!! I have some more pics that I will post soon.

I love you girls more than you know!!! This was definitely a birthday dinner that we won't forget!

And yes.. she was in a handicap spot. We think she must have the handicap tag from when she hurt her ankle. :)

sking said...

yeahh...picking on the crippled girl:)

Jk...This made my night! Pranks are the highest form of flattery.

I am proud of you moms!