Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Closing a Decade

Well folks, it is here. I get the blessed opportunity to spend my last day of my 20s on Thanksgiving. God orchestrated such a poetic coincidence to remind me of His hand on every detail in my life. When I look back at my 20s that is all I can do is fall on my face in utter Thanksgiving.

A Decade of His faithfulness.

When I have continually been in over my head in pride, self righteousness, anger, fear, vanity, love of this world, unforgiveness and unbelief yet He set His affections on me. He pursued my heart and graciously lead me to repentance.

He is my righteous. He is my peace. He is my utter joy. He is why I have anything to be thankful for.

God has blessed me so richly with this man to worship with, love with, and to walk through trials with.

Our son, has been a way God has brought deliverance. From myself. From idols. Isaac and I will dance in the face of every lesson we learn together and every stupid mistake I make. (of course he would stop dancing if he knew I was taking a pic so its from the back :)

Our girl, a picture of God's grace. A life we only hoped would make it. Her spirit is a joyful reminder of God's miraculous power.

My loving parents who sacrificed in every way, who love extravagantly, and who are my greatest cheerleaders. This decade has been a wonderful gift of reminding me of how grateful to have both of them not only as my mom and dad but as friends. They have taught me how to live life at its fullest and not hold anything back.

My gracious in-laws, I only could whisper a prayer for them for lack of faith to actually believe. God took that whisper and gave me more than I could have ever imagined. I will spend my life reminding you how thankful I am for all that you poured into my husband.

My brothers and sisters, the whole lot of you. You make life fun. You make me laugh. I cherish your friendship. I celebrate how incredibly different we all are and yet God saw fit that we be close not just because of blood but because of love.

My dearest friends, you are a gift. You are family. Your life begs everyone around you to reevaluate their own. Your encouragement reminds me of His truth. Oh how I dream about being next door to every last one of you.

One of my favorite parts of THIS year and how grateful I am that God brought a sweet friend to live near us! They have endured every last headache of country living with grace and a smile. After living in the country a good drive from from those we love, we have relished every day that they have been so close.

20s you have been good to me. I hear 30s get even better; I'll keep you posted.

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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! I have loved seeing all He has done in your life...from a KC Rangerette visiting Life Challenge, a college girl traveling with Passion, helping a crazy political venture, becoming my right hand and one of my BFF's, watching God bring Joseph Terry into your life and then your muffins, becoming a city girl then a country girl all in a few short years, lots of revelation, wisdom and freedom!! Wow! Its been full and exciting! So thankful Jesus allowed me and the fam to be a part of your life this last decade. Really, we are so honored. Cant wait to see what's next!! WE love you :)