Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby book guilt

Baby book guilt.

We all have it. Things we forgot to write down. Wish we would have written more often. For the life of me, the things I thought I would never forget are lost in the sea of mom brain mush.

So for our anniversary last spring, Joe used Blog2Print to print my blog. Its one thing to see your writing on the computer screen, but its another to hold it with your hands. It felt like it put weight to 2009 and I could pass that down to our kids. So they could look back and hear from "my voice" what life was like then. The good, the sad, and the fun.

For Nicole's birthday, I printed some of her blog for her. She sent me this picture of her sweet daughter who got inspired from one of their stories to dress up in order to finish reading.

For all you bloggers out there, who do you need to forward this to for Christmas? ;)

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Megan said...

Thankfully Brock took note last Spring and did this for my birthday!! So, thank your hubs for inspiring mine! :)