Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Tribute to Our Faithful Neighbors

Since we have been married we haven't lived more than about 10 minutes from the Rangers' ball field. Every April they come out promising big returns and leaving us wanting. Nevertheless, they are there week in and week out providing a fun, family environment. You know I grew up a hard core Astros fan...Biggio, Bagwell, and all of those guys were who I always cheered for. Joe on the other hand is a die in the wool Rangers fan. They are HIS team and even though they have been terrible for 10 years, he is still faithful. So once we got married I got baptism by fire, because I had gotten him a Valentine's present that year to the 14 best games of the season. Is that not every man's dream to live around the corner from your favorite team? We had such a great time as newlyweds going to all the games. This is a picture of us enjoying the fireworks show at the July 4th game in 2006.

Here is us enjoying the game pre-pregnancy 2007.

Here is me sweating it up for the love of my husband while I was 14 weeks pregnant in the Texas heat- God bless the Rangers!

Now that we have our little man and we won't be next door to the Rangers much longer we had to bring him to his first game. Not only did we get to go with him, but we got to enjoy the game with some of our favorite people, the Durhams! Here are the top five events of our our little excursion:

1. Stacy calling me Friday in a panic because she heard there was a game on Friday night and I had told her the game was on Saturday night. She was seriously concerned that we were going to miss the game. I quickly assured her that they play almost every night and they would be there tomorrow too :) As you can tell, Stacy is a baseball fan. I do not know how I managed in my pics not to get one of her beautiful face, but you can see her blog.

2. In the name of good stewardship, we only took one car :) So we put all the kids car seats in the back seat. Yes, all three were lined up one next to the other. Stacy and I rode in the back seat and were tossed around like groceries. (Poor thing, she is pregnant) I know you may be thinking, why didn't your men hop back there? Oh, they offered but there is no way that our men could fit in the back of my pregnant roller skate. We may have been squished but glory to God we saved $10 :)

3. We also got the "all you can eat seats." That in itself is hilarious. Joe and Monte took full advantage of the situation and Stacy and I were about to puke watching them. We will not do that again...sorry guys :)

4. As soon as the announcer came on, Bryce starts looking all around and then finally looks at his mom and says, "Where is that voice coming from?"

5. Stacy and I were talking about something mid game and then she asks, "Whats the name..of you know...the pinnacle of baseball...??" Now I wonder where her son gets it from, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, now does it Stacy??

But the best part was sweet fellowship with our dear friends and getting to meet some new friends too.

Even though we won't be right here, do not fear, it will give us one more reason to make trips to Dallas. I may have to get us season tickets :)

Here are the boys!

Monte, Bryce, and Macey.

Isaac hung out in the sling most of the time...sweet thing.
Bryce inspecting his "all you can eat" bracelet.
Yes, we saw Third Day too. They were taking pictures with some fans behind us.


The Durham's said...
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The Durham's said...

You are hilarious!! I am really a baseball genius, I just didn't want to embarrass anyone:):) That was so much fun...and I must say, I will always remember the good 'ol Lexus ride...priceless!! Love you!

sevans said...

Lovin' the new site! Need more pics of that sweet baby. ;)

Nicole said... you so did not tell me about Third Day! I love them! They were the first Christian band that I said, "Now I can listen to that." :)
Cute pics and you are really funny. I love that the blog is bringing out the wit that I KNOW is there!