Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Team New Life

Run for Compassion 2010, I <3 you.

This all started in 2004 when I first met Joe at church. Our house of girls became friends with his house of guys. Then mysteriously he would appear out in our neighborhood running when I was out running. He quickly became an avid runner. I just assumed that his interest in running was rooted in a deep passion for the hobby.

When we began courting and then became engaged, I had visions of us running around our future home, Dallas. I had visions of us pushing our kids in a jogging stroller. I had visions of running dates. I had visions of us running with our teenagers. I had visions of our family running to raise money for the kingdom.

Somehow our pre-marital counseling missed the question of - "Joseph Daniel, do you really like running?" My visions all came crashing down once we got married.

He likes to run for a prize. Running just to run is not his cup of tea. He described it more as...torture. Yes, yes he did. Ouch.

For the first four years of our marriage, I would head out for a run missing my partner. I laid down the idea that we would ever run together. I did pray on many occasions that he would make his health a priority (and maybe...just maybe... my running partner would come back).

We love Compassion and last spring we wanted to run to help raise awareness for the Child Survival Program. We ran a little before the race but we were both so out of shape that it was ugly. real ugly.

Race day came. I was 2 months post pardum and I was having a really hard time. I think in Joe's mind, he has always pictured himself as "high school Joe"... you know the one at the pinnacle of the athleticism. Then, he was amazed to see all these older men and women pass him with ease.

It was a reality check and a reminder to both of us that we needed to kick it into gear. God has only given us one body and we needed to be better stewards.

Since then, my man has been working like a rented mule up and down our country roads. He would MAKE time to work out. He would have a long day with work responsibilities, grab a kid or two (put them in the stroller or bike trailer), and head out for some country air and a little dust in his mouth.

He has been committed and I couldn't be prouder.

One night we were laying in bed and he said to me, "When are you going to stop acting surprised that I'm working out?" To which I apologized. I just honestly was trying to adjust from him exercising very rarely to working out several times a week no matter what he had going on. That's a big shift and I needed a little time to adjust.

He decided to sign up for an adventure race with Chris, a friend of from church. They set off for a three mile orienteering trail run, one mile canoe, 9 mile bike, mystery events, and then finished up with a three mile wrap up.

Similar to a triathlon, there is a transition area and the kids and I were so excited to see the guys after the second leg. I was trying to run after the guys holding Ely in one hand, camera in the other, barking orders to Isaac to keep up in the other all while trying to get the 411 from the guys. This team of two women yelled at me, "Hey baby mama, they are trying to compete. You need to step back."

Oh right. Forgot. No price is too big for a good pic, right?

It was a pretty chilly so in between transition times, the kids and I hung out in the car cheering them on.

The guys did great! I was so excited for them.

Now we are vacationing in Colorado and one of the things he was looking forward to was finding a gym to work out in (I mean, is this my husband??? wanting to work out every day of vacation...oh no, I'm really trying to quit being surprised).

Compassion, thank you for reminding us what is important in so many ways!

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Jennifer Bacak said...

That's right! Run For Compassion is there for ya!
Love the story! And the race Joe and Chris did sounds so fun!
We'll be seeing both of you at the front of the pack for Run For Compassion 2011.