Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Itch

Last week there were two very special babies born. Isaac and I made a flying trip down to Houston to see the mamas and babies in the hospital.

If you will recall this beautiful friend She had Graham Michael Baker last Wednesday a whole week and one day early- wahoo! She had a great delivery and her and Graham are home and enjoying their new family of FOUR!

Then, my little brother and his girlfriend delivered their baby on Thursday. My brother was so excited, it was so precious to watch him hold that baby with such pride and joy. He decided to carry on the tradition and the baby is named Thomas Darien Spry IV. My dad is calling him "Quad" and my grandmother is calling him "cuatro." God bless that little baby boy.

This is my brother and sister with baby Thomas.

If I needed any confirmation that I have the baby itch, then I've got it!

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The Durham's said...

Okay...you have a beautiful family!! That's one sweet baby:)