Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Five loaves and two fish

So I think the feeding of the 5,000 must have started a little like this.

My dad came last week for a visit and it was wonderful. He then calls on Saturday morning and says that Daina wanted to come up for a visit. How fun! I told him I would see them the next day.

He calls back a few minutes later and says, "What do you think about me inviting (my brother) Trey and Tanika?" That would be awesome! The two cousins could meet for the first time.

He calls back to say they're coming and to say that he invited my grandparents. Yea!

He calls again to say that my uncle and his kids are coming. Yea!

He calls again to say that he has invited my mom and my sister. Yea!

These calls go on until we have over 20 people coming over for lunch the next day.

We had so much fun and I love getting to hang out with all my family. Being closer to my family is far and away my favorite thing about living in Normangee :)

My brother's girlfriend, Tanika and her daughter.

Isaac loves his grandma, JJ!

Trey's girlfriend's kids.

My grandpa!

My older sister, Christina.

Trey with his new baby boy, Thomas.
My dad doing what he does best...antagonizing the teenagers :)
My grandmother with the little man. (This is who my family has said that I look like. )
All the kids on the "mule" (that's what they call it out here :)


The Durham's said...

I love it! That was quite a lunch, I'd say:) Miss you!

Jen Sprayberry said...

What a fun family! You're dad is so cool for inviting everyone and you are even cooler for having them all.