Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Laura (aka Lomama) came for a visit this last weekend! Her and her boxer, Bailey, arrived on Saturday evening. We had lots of fun while she was here; she is the funniest and most random person that you will ever meet. If you clicked on her blog, that is just a preview of what I'm talking about.

We have been friends for many moons and have had some crazy memories over the years that include lots and lots of random and late road trips to all sorts of cities around Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico (oh wait, that was just me getting lost); random phone calls from me at 2 a.m. while riding on a tour bus; quality conversations in front of Petco and at the Bowling Alley :); many over the top April Fools jokes; me showing up at her door; running over medians (twice); me laying down the law about coming to my wedding....oh the list could go on and on.

This weekend we all went to church, ate lots of food that is bad for you (she even made Honey Bun cake for us- yikes!), and played spades, balderdash, and badmitton....(what happened to Scrabble!?!)

While we wanted to play badmitton, but we didn't want Isaac to be out in the heat. So Joe rigged up a little contraption in order to keep the little guy cool. He backed up the car, had the a/c on and put the exersaucer in the back.

This lasted for about two minutes; he was not down with our shenanigans!

Laura is also a video making and editing extroadinaire! We videoed some footage of the little man, so be staying tuned for when we post the video on here. It should provide for some good laughs.

Here is a pic of us and our "kids."


The Durham's said...

You have been a busy little blogger! Okay, I need to meet this girl...I like her already:) I am so glad you are having some fun visitors...I pray that I am the next one:) LOVE YOU!

Jen Sprayberry said...

How fun. Love the back of the car idea- very smart. She's going to be a great mom- always thinking outside of the box to grab a few minutes of time. Miss you! Glad you had a great weekend. I'm sure she did too.