Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Lodger

We have some amazing mentors in Houston, David and Beth Reid. David is from Scotland and Beth is from California. They sound cool already, huh? They met when Beth went on a mission trip to Scotland... even cooler!

About a month ago, we offered to keep their 15 year old son, Chris, so Beth could go on a business trip with David to London. How fun!

Chris has been staying with us since last week. He has been such a joy and we have really enjoy him being here. Joe and I have had many laughs about what is going to be like having teenagers. Good times, good times.

Their family has all these fun terms for everything, what I call their Reidisms. For example, every highway you have to say "the" in front of it. "You go north on the forty five." (Imagine that with a Scottish accent). She just texted me and said she was going to a "tea cozy"- what is that? They also have a young man who is living with them temporarily and they call him, their "lodger."

So here is a pic of our temporary "lodger," Chris. We love you!

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bee reid said...

I went to BUY a tea cozy. It looks like a oven mit, but fits over a teapot to keep the tea hot.

I have one now and it's loverly.