Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why I love Paula...

Somehow every week Paula makes me crack up. This week its not due to her mindless blunder of evaluating Jason Castro before he even performed his second song, but rather did you see that one shot of her standing up dancing? The girl JUST DOESN'T CARE! She is a glutten for Simon's ridicule and she is just unashamedly herself. She is cheeseball and she doesn't care. I think we could best friends :)

Also, its like deep calls to deep. When you see her, you are flooded with memories of dancing to "Cold Hearted Snake" in your bedroom as a little girl. I seriously had that whole album memorized.

Cast your predictions of who you think is going home tomorrow :)


Nicole said...

Melissa! The girl has to be smoking crack!! It was such an embarrassing moment...even Simon and Ryan didn't know what to do! My heart begins beating just thinking of the moment!!

Syesha is my guess and though I like Jason...he might be in trouble! Although, last night on the news it showed his mom in Rockwall with a Dreadlock Posse getting in the votes!

Lacy said...

Hi Melissa! Do you remember me? It's Lacy (Chambers) Usry. I was Dave Hasz's assistant for a couple of years and you came on the fasting retreat once and I helped you get settled.

it's fun to see you and all of your life changes!

AnnaElise said...

deep calls out to deep??? humm.... that might be a little out there. :) but she sure has been doing a great job lately!!!! GO DAVID COOK!!!!!