Friday, April 4, 2008

My Full Time Job

This picture cracks me up because it looks like he's doing tae kwon do on me :)
So you may have wondered, "What is up with her blog name?" Well until I become witty you will have to endure cheesy things like that. The truth is that I do have a new full time job...nursing. I was doing the math yesterday and Isaac and I spend at least 42 hours a week tending to our business. FORTY TWO hours it is true, can you believe it? So needless to say, the boppy is our best friend because occasionally it gives me freedom to do other things like read, talk on the phone, peck away at the computer, and enjoy everyone else's blogs.

Since I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, I decided its time that I am faithful with my own. Since we are embarking on a new season I thought it would only be appropriate to keep everyone informed of all that is going on with us. Not to mention, Isaac is already almost 10 pounds! yikes! I think I am going to try that Chinese binding technique so I can keep him small. But if he is anything like his namesake, my dad, who is 6'4" and my little brother who is 6'7" then I am going to have a run for my money.

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