Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New Adventure

This began about a year and half ago when Joe and I sensed transition was coming and the grace at Joe’s job was lifting. We had no idea what this meant or where it could lead, but we continued to pray and wait on the Lord. After that, several opportunities presented themselves but we hadn’t felt peace about any of those doors. In December, my uncle offered Joe an opportunity that we began to pray about, but being 32 weeks pregnant with our first was plenty enough for my pregnancy hormones to wrap their arms around. We knew that we weren’t going to make a decision until after our sweet little man was born so I asked him if we could revisit the subject after that. He so graciously agreed.

Once Isaac was born, we began to look at all of the doors that were presented to us. We prayed our guts out, sought a lot of counsel, looked at all the pros and cons, and so much more. In the end, we really believe and have great peace about us moving forward. This has not been an easy decision for our family. God has blessed us with some of the most wonderful friends, who are really a lot like family. We love you all so tenderly and the thought of leaving you and Gateway has been heart wrenching. You have loved our family so sacrificially and unconditionally that you truly are a manifestation of Malachi 3, "Test me in this and see if I will not pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it." You are that blessing in my life.

My aunt and uncle are moving to Austin and have hired Joe to be their business manager. This will include doing personal investments and managing a thoroughbred breeding business that will include us moving to their ranch. Their ranch is in Normangee, TX which is about 30 minutes north of College Station. The great news is that there is plenty of room for you to come, play, swim, and visit. We are also really excited to be closer to family in Houston and Austin.

We are really excited about what God is doing and about our new adventure with our new little family. We covet your prayers as we transition and move into this new season. One of the scriptures that has been a banner over our family since its conception is 2 Samuel 22:31, “As for God His way is perfect, all the Lord’s promises prove true.”
Here are some pics I took of the ranch on a visit 4 years ago. The operation has grown sizeably since this...


Michawn said...

Wow!! That is incredible...and so exciting. I know it's gotta be so hard though too, leaving all the friends there in Dallas. But, of course, if you stayed in Dallas where you aren't supposed to be, you would be miserable even with all the friends there.'s very exciting.

Did you ever watch Dallas, the soap opera (right, I shouldn't have, but I was little...didn't know to make that decision on my own)? Anyway, it reminds me of South Fork for some reason...probably just the fact that it's a ranch in Texas? :) It's beautiful. You can count on a visit from us in a couple of years, kay?

Jen Sprayberry said...

It's beautiful! You know a lady cam up to me at church recently and asked about my friend who just moved away from all that she knows. The lady went on to tell me how close my friend and her husband are probably getting because you really draw close to each other during times of transition. I think you and Joe have some fun times ahead!

Can we be the first to sign up to come visit. Justin is pumped!

Jan Greenwood said...

Wow! You didn't tell me it was so amazing. I just know that the peace that is upon this place will rest on you. Who knows what amazing relationships and revelation He has planned for you. I love the post! Keep it up. I can hear your voice as I read. Isaac is the man!!! Babysitting offer stands. Call me!

The Durham's said...

Just wanted to say I love ya!! Thanks for Saturday! Praying for you...give Isaac kisses:)

Anonymous said...

Melissa, How exciting! Todd's brother lives in Austin...maybe we can stop by and see you sometime. The ranch is beautiful!
April Novak