Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Day of My Heart's Delight!

This week is the day of my heart's delight, otherwise known by others as our anniversary! I am so excited! I love special days and making them special. I am a holiday lover. We are going to celebrate all week long, so I will post pics of our fun together later in the week. For today I thought I would do my Top 10 Favorite things about my man.

10. After having a baby, there are times that the hormones run a muck and sleep deprivation is at a personal all time high. So whenever I am having a "moment," Joe always makes me laugh some way or another to snap me out of the edginess. He also calls it the "H(hormone) factor" and that makes me laugh too. I promise he was not nearly as stinking hilarious before we got married; it was like one of his wedding presents to me :) . Every night he has me in stitches about something. Oh, I have to tell you one story... So, right now his finishing up working in an active adult community (i.e. people over 55 yrs. old) and he is helping them rebuild their shower (there was an engineering issue). Anyways, he was working on this woman who is 90 years old. He went to check on the progress of the work and he was leaving her house. He said, "Good bye Miss So-and-So, I will see you tomorrow to check on things again." She stops him to do the five part hand shake that ends with the "Dukes" and says "We're solid" WE'RE SOLID! How old are you? You can't even know that terminology, because I barely do.

9. I have told you in previous posts how hot my husband is, but this story always makes me smile. After we got our engagement pics, Tara was looking at them and says, "Melissa, I didn't realize how cute Joe is. He is really good looking." I responded, "I know...Jesus has just been shielding your eyes."

8. He is so not 'religious' and he can relate to all kinds of people. The other night we saw a commercial for "Natural Light." In which he responds with, "I didn't know that Natural Light did commercials. We used to call that 'Nasty Light' back in the day."

7. He loves the History Channel. He also is a political junkie, almost as much as me.

6. He won't admit how much he likes golf. Spending time with us is so important to him, that I can count on one hand how many times he has gone to play. When I try to encourage him to go, he always says he would rather be with us. I just think its cute he's in denial.

5. We would be the best sports casting duo. We love to watch sports together and we continually have annoying commentary about every play. (Oh the Mavs...they are determined to torture us. Can we just get a Dallas team that can make it past the first round!?!)

4. He is a man wise beyond his almost 30 years. One time someone said it best of him that he has an "old soul." He continually amazes me with the wisdom that he has for our family and for the business world.

5. He is my rock. Regardless of the circumstances, he sees them from God's perspective and has radical trust in the Lord. A true man of impecable character.

4. He is so careful in guarding his heart. In so many different ways, he is cautious with his heart. I absolutely love that he saves it for me and it has been only for my enjoyment....and enjoy I do!

3. You know you hear all the in-law jokes by men, but he truly loves my family like his own.

2. He is the best dad. I love watching him with Isaac; it is such a joy!

1. I just love him more than I can put into words. God outdid Himself when He gave him to me. He is so much more than I could have ever of dreamed of and I'm so thankful that we get to love the Lord together for the rest of our lives.


Michawn said...

What a sweet list. I never spent a huge amount of time with Joe, but could instantly tell that I would love him. He is what we say in the south "a good ole boy" to a tee...and I mean all the good connotations that go with that title. Just good through and through (because of Jesus of course...but some need extra help from Jesus than others...I don't think Joe needs that extra help, know what I mean?). :)

Also, love what you say about Joe not being as funny before you got married. I feel the same way. I was continually shocked by how stinkin' hilarious Joel is after we got married. Seriously, I would just marvel at his wit. Fun stuff. And truly, I agree, a gift...I think we "did it right" and therefore got just fun extra special gifts and surprises.


Jen Sprayberry said...

So cool! I love see what God put together in the two of you. So special. Can't wait to hear about your week of celebration.

sevans said...

Happy Anniversary friend. Hope you have a wonderful week! love the pic.

The Durham's said...

This is so sweet, friend! Hope you have a great anniversary week!!