Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well friends, we are going to try this for the third time. I am hoping that Isaac will be my inspiration and that this will be a link to see what is going on with us (and funny stories).

As some of you have heard me talk about, I aspire to be a cool mom. What is a cool mom? Well, that will be for another post because it is multi-faceted :) My little man is already 4 weeks and I already have strike one.

Laura and I ran a quick errand last Friday. While we were in the car she pulls out her ipod and wants me to listen to this song by One Republic. They went to ORU with Stephen and now they are really famous b/c their song was on Grey's Anatomy. (I'm clueless). Anyways, she proceeds to tell me that this song is featuring "Timberland." That's when I intelligently interjected, "Justin Timberland?" She busts out laughing and says, "You mean Justin Timberlake?" Right. I'm up on music and pop culture. Then she proceeds to tell me that it is "TIMBALAND" and everybody who is anybody has him featured on their songs or albums. Still clueless. Either way, I salute you oh Mr. Timbaland, oh guru of all things rappy.

Have a great day and off to the pediatrician we go....

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