Friday, April 18, 2008

Play Dates

Our first play date was to the park in Euless, but mom forgot the camera. Bare with me, I am still a rookie at all of this. If you check out Katy's blog, she was on top of it and brought her camera.

Then, last week we had lots of fun at the Town Center with Sarah and Sabrina, Stephanie and Kate. It would've been complete if we would've had Katy and Abby there with us- we missed you! Girls, you know I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I heard, "You must've drank the water?" Original.

Yes, as you can see, Sarah straight up jumped on the art cow for our pic! If you click on the picture of Sarah jumping up there, Stephanie's face is classic! You never know what Sarah is going to do next. Oh, how I need a daily dose of her humor. She has tried to disciple me in her wit, but I am a hopeless case.

Below are some pictures from our play date with our Dallas family, the Graves. They always welcome Isaac and I with open arms and love on us tremendously! We are so grateful for them. John and Nicole are amazing and have incredible kids. They are such a joy to be around and I love them all like my own. Hannah, almost 10, is the biggest helper and is going to be the best little mama one day. Joseph, almost 8, is perfectly content holding Isaac all the time. He asked his dad the other day, "What is 'heart's desire' mean?" His dad said, "Why do you ask?" He replied, "Because Melissa said I could hold Isaac all that my heart desired." HAHA! Then there is Sarah, who is 4, and the first time I had to nurse over there, she freaked out. (Apparently, she didn't remember being nursed or any of her siblings :) Then, there is Rebekah, who is 3, and the first time I brought Isaac over there I was doing "baby sit ups" with Isaac. Its this thing I read about in one of my books that you can do with your baby when its "awake" time. That is now her favorite thing to do with Isaac and does it even when its "sleep" time. Then, the youngest, John Alexander, calls Isaac, "I" or "my baby." It is precious!


Nicole said...

Oh..I love that you are blogging! Such fun pictures and stories! Give "I" a kiss and a squeeze from me.
By the are looking like a cool mom in that picture with the cow! ;)

Michawn said...

Yes, you look gorgeous. Great stories and you are seriously really cute and reading your blog. I think you are super witty, so don't even. :)

Nicole said...

Ok so I am looking at these pics again and am cracking up!! The one of John and little I is hillarious! John's smile and Isaac's face and little body just sliding down... :) Too funny!