Friday, December 4, 2009

'Tis the Season...

One of our Terry Family traditions is setting out the day after Thanksgiving to pick out just the right tree. There is a tree farm out in the boonies (close to our house) that we have had oh so much fun going to the last two years.

Isaac's favorite part....the tree cart becomes his wagon!

Here is our glorious tree and our "big helper" chopping it down!

Hope you are enjoying the wonder and splendor of this time of year as we anticipate the celebration of our Lord's birth!


The Durham's said...

This is so incredible......and rustic of you:) HA! I LOVE that you get to go pick your own tree, cut it down, and drag that thing home! Now that's what I'm talking about:) I love your heart, you know that?!! Miss you!

Nicole said...

Made me miss or little tree farm in Kilgore. Those were fun times. Now we have a fake tree in Dallas...typical huh?? :)

Give Isaac a high five from Grammy for his utilization of some man tools!