Monday, December 14, 2009

My Supermom

My mom is a supermom in every sense of the word and not to mention, she is quite a beauty! She makes 64 look like 24...oh wait she IS 24 (or so she says ;) My dad has said on several occasions that he couldn't have picked out a more wonderful mother of his children than her. I couldn't have said it better.
She ferociously loves all of us kids. Never once have I wondered if my mom loved me or believed in me. I knew in her eyes, I could do anything that I set my heart on. She is always encouraging yet slow to share her opinion. She just doesn't sweat the small stuff. I wish I could count how many times I have heard her say, "If that's all I have to worry about, then I would say I'm doing pretty good." She manages to do more than five people in the matter of a week's time and has a smile on her face while she is doing it all.
The above picture is her and I at the prayer shower for Elyana Joyce. I was so thrilled and honored that she could make it. It just wouldn't have been the same without my mama.
The BEST part was that we got to "steal away" for the night just her and I- no children, no husband, no dogs, no work for her, no other siblings, no other responsibilities. Just me and my mom. Its been a long time. I loved every minute.
We lived it up, yes we did! We drove to Austin and did a little Christmas shopping. We ate some dinner- boring Chili's but the company was 5 star. I got to hear about her childhood, her parents, her heart, and some of her memories too. So sweet. I will treasure that time. Then, we went wild and crazy ;) and saw the 10:15 showing of "The Blind Side." I couldn't have picked a more perfect movie for us to see. We are both suckers for "feel good" movies.
Then we laid in bed and didn't go to sleep until after 2 a.m. It had been awhile since my eyes had seen that time on the clock (and the last time I was nursing my sweet boy.)
If that weren't enough fun, we got have smoothies at this very Austin-y place that put hemp protein in our smoothies. Suspicious, I know. Then, we both got massages. GLORY!
With reluctance, we headed home.
I am so grateful for her example that guides me, her love that supports me and her encouragement that spurs me on. You did good, mom, real good.
Thank you mom for a wonderful night away with JUST YOU! I love you with all my heart...


The Durham's said...

Ok, this made me cry! I love that you both got this special gift of time....priceless. I miss you so much and I am so honored to know you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

To My Incredible Daughter
Melissa you are a very special person that radiates love and giving to others. I appreciate your values, your leadership, your strength in following your principles, and your devotion to Jesus and your family. I absolutely treasure the special time you gave me. You have quite a busy schedule, very pregnant, and hands full with adorable, bright, active, inquisitive 18 month old Isaac. I loved being a part of the prayer shower and meeting your wonderful friends. Melissa, you treated me better than the Queen all weekend!!! I loved the long drives, the time to talk, the dinner, the smoothies, the movie, and had no idea we talked till 2 am. The massage was great and worked out some needed kinks. Thank you, Melissa, all of it was a wonderful gift and I am so very honored. The best part was the gift to be with you and visit. I am grateful to Joe and Isaac for sharing you. You left your men to be with me!!!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much Melissa. I love and cherish you more than you know. Love Mom

Jan said...

Okay - this blog and your mom's response is making me cry. So sweet and so what every mom longs to share with her daughter. Blessings to you both!

Cindy said...

What a sweet and precious post this is, and almost even better was reading Joan's comment! Love you both dearly :)