Monday, December 14, 2009

Tacky IS as Tacky Does

A couple of life groups teamed up to have a Christmas party out in the boonies- at our house! We were so excited that everyone was willing to make the trek. This wasn't any old Christmas party. Kendra suggested that we go with the fad by wearing our tackiest Christmas sweater. In our case, it was the tackiest Christmas item that you could find at Good Will, was given to you last year for Christmas or that you could make yourself.

Let me tell you, at first, I was just not sure how I felt about this. I was 34 weeks pregnant. Enough said. Not to mention, I had this Christmas sweater from when I was pregnant with Isaac and was the emcee for the Gateway Women's Christmas party. I was just wanting to get my money's worth out of that little purchase.

Instead, I was left to my devices.

Tacky Christmas sweaters. Hmmm. Mine was more of a tacky Christmas shirt. I wore a white tank top with a red shirt over the top. Then, with my most craftiest self, I cut three holes in the shirt to make it look like a white snow man and then with a permanent marker, I gave my snow man a top hat.

I know this is a weird picture of me but its the best one of the shirt. Yes, folks, that's as crafty as it gets around here.

Here's another shot where you can see the bottom half of my snow man real good. (This is with the cute newly engaged ones- what a fun season)
Now for my Joseph, over the last few years, I have had to have some clothes interventions. His memaw did not help my efforts either because every year she would get him a new sweater. I did have to put some shirts off limits. These overalls were immediately put on the "do not wear list" -even if you are just doing man work. Even though he hasn't worn them, he couldn't part with them so they were still in his closet. This is where tacky draws the line. Red neck tacky was just too far. These sweet friends were coming out to the ranch, we didn't necessarily need to look the part too ;)

For my little man, he was given this snow man sweater last year for Christmas (G-mama you know I love you). My little manly boy just could never pull off a snow man sweater UNLESS its tacky Christmas sweater party, then its P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Our sweet new friends from Iran came and this is their son, Arman. Isaac's first friend who speaks Farsi. Too cute!

Only real men can wear poinsettias.

Sweet Stephanie.

The Dutys working tacky Christmas 90s style! Love it!

Arman's dad, Mahmood.
This look too cute to be tacky!
Some more pictures to enjoy!....

Fun times!


Hendrick Family said...

Such a fun party, Melissa! We're so thankful for your sweet family.


Jan said...

Your home is beautiful and your friends look like a blast!

Julia said...

Очень милые :)