Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Quiet Season

I have been sensing the end of a season. I have begrudgingly called it the "quiet season." I remember telling a family member about it in the first few months and them laughing at me. Oh you'll be wishing to go back to this season one day when you have lots of kids, car pools, activities every night and more relational commitments than you can keep up with. On the outside I chuckled but the inside it was still a really quiet season.

I wanted to write it down so one day I could look back, laugh and remember. Remember leaving people that are more like family, cars, traffic, working with five women within ear shot, shopping, restaurants, and a twelve thousand member church to...

Come to the country (our address doesn't even register in google maps), be a stay at home mom, the baby doesn't talk back, neighbors are not a thing you walk to, and the wind blows like you're on the coast because there is not much around. There were lots of days that I didn't go any place, only talked to people (other than Joe) on the phone, and when I did get to converse with people it was through my best spanglish. Mega-church was a thing of the far distant past and you, as the new person, could be spotted from a mile away.

The last week before we moved, we were hanging out with some friends. A guy that we don't know very well (yet is a very discerning fellow) looked at me with all assurity and said, "Its going to be good." I just excused myself to the next room and weeped until no more tears could come.

Oh does God know what He is doing. It has been good for me, for Joe, for our family, for our future. God knows. He is so sweet to take me kicking and screaming and put me in the center of His precious, glorious and blessed will when what I really deserve is the hot pit of hell itself.

Not that we're leaving the country but I sense the pace of life picking up a bit. Another little blessing on the way, prayers for others to come quickly, sweet relationships, greater job responsibilities...God expanding us.

The scripture that has been resonating in my heart lately:

"LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Psalm 16:5, 6

Regardless of what season we are in, I'm so thankful that I get to look into this man's eyes as we walk this journey together.

I thank God for friends, like you, that have encouraged me and held up my arms on this journey. I love you.


the rodriguez crew said...

melissa, you have such a gift for writing ... i find myself kind of getting lost in it! beautiful pic, and I am excited for your "new" season!

Cindy said...

I agree, beautifully written! I am excited about your new season as well, and I cannot wait to meet Elyana!

The Durham's said...

Sweet friend:) I am so excited for your new season!! I love the way He pulls us in and pulls us out to mold and form us in the way He matter how we feel about it:) I completely understand your heart, and encourage you with the same encouragement He gave me not too long ago: He told me to never want the "quiet season" to leave my heart, no matter how He changes my circumstances. After walking through a few seasons of quiet, I knew exactly what He meant. I had grown to treasure that constant time with Him, and realized that I missed it when life got busy. But, He said my heart could ALWAYS have it, and for that, I am so grateful! Simple concept, I know, but we pulls you out for awhile, you truly know what that means, right?:) Love you so much and am so excited for the arrival of sweet Elyana!!

Adana Wilson said...

Wow Melissa, I can so relate. I wish I had the elegance of how to capture what you just wrote. I to left what I thought was my dream job in Women's Ministry at a Mega Church to move and for the first time in my life stay at home full time. Unlike you, I am still wrestling with the whole transition. Wish I could say that I felt like my quite season was almost over but I am not sensing it yet. Although I know we did what God wanted us to do I still battle so much with the transition. I KNOW that God's will for my life will be fulfilled and as I seek him then all those other things will be added! You are such an encouragement!

Jan said...

I hear something in your "voice" that draws me in to your heart today. I love that verse ... boundaries drawn in pleasant is so true. Your life and love and faith are beautifully framed in His love. Praying for you and for Elyana. Looking forward to the fruit of the shift. I love you. Jan

Charity Mae said...

Mel, your blog posts always make me cry for some reason! :)