Thursday, September 24, 2009

Souled Out!

I have told you before how we like to get our praise on, soul style, at the house.

These is one of our favorite new soul praise tunes and here is the other!

I have always dreamed of having a black baby. In sharing this desire with someone they said, "Oh girl, you married the WRONG man."

I know I didn't. Then, I looked outside our window one day and saw something like this..

and was reminded that God can work miracles in many different ways. :)

So the other night, my wonderful mother offered to babysit Isaac so we could go on a much overdue date. Joe had seen that there was a taping for this reality show, "How Sweet the Sound" that was taking place at the Toyota Center (where the Rockets play). Basically, it was like Reality TV meets B.E.T. meets Christian American Idol. We couldn't get tickets though because it was all sold out. bummer.

We decided to venture to downtown Houston anyways and see what we could find...

When we drove up to the stadium an hour and a half before it started, there were thousands of people waiting for the doors to open. There wasn't a white person in the crowd....oh, I was at home!

I walked up to the box office and asked her about tickets. She told me emphatically that it was all sold out. I conjured up all the soul I could muster and asked, "Even for a SISTER!?!"

She gave me "the look," laughed and then opened up two seats especially for us. They were up close and personal. They had 8 choirs that made it to the finals in Houston and then they were traveling to 10 other cities, then going to have a finale in Detroit. They had three judges: Cece Winans, Marvin Sapp, and James Fortune...

We even got to see Israel Houghton (a personal favorite worship leader of mine) who was sitting on the front row. We had so much fun; it definitely ranked up there in our top 3 dates of all time.

Cece Winans performing.

This choir was my favorite. It was "The Pentecostals at Royalhood" who sang "Peace and Favor Rest on Us."

There was even one choir that sang a song called "Souled Out" and that would describe us after that evening!


the rodriguez crew said...

Melissa, this cracked me UP! You are cute as ever, and congrats on baby girl ... I love checking in on you! ~Paige Rodriguez (Whitlock)

Michawn said...

i've always been black at heart myself! this was awesome. so fun for you guys.

and p.s. i WILL get my black baby some day. ;)

The Durham's said...

Ok, sorry I am just now commenting, but I don't know how on earth I missed this post!! Too funny! You are a riot and I can only imagine how she looked at you before she coughed up two fat seats for this crazy white girl!! I love it! Glad you guys got some time and I hope you are feeling well:) Love ya!

Nicole said...

You make your momma proud! ;) I would have probably tucked my tail and left...but not Meli!! She layed it on and got her and her man some tickets!
Love you

Jen Sprayberry said...

That's awesome!!! love the horse pic- too perfect. Hope you're feeling well and doing well. Thanks for the vm the other day. Sorry I missed your call. I feel your prayers. Love you!