Monday, September 21, 2009

How This Works Best...

So, I had gone for a walk this morning and thought, "I haven't updated my blog with a belly pic in awhile. I don't want to keep my people in the dark of how things are REALLY growing around here."

Many people have commented, "Wow, you are getting bigger." One of the foreman out here on the ranch, said to me (you have to imagine him saying this in his best spanglish with hand motions) "Every time I see you, you get BIGGER, BIGGER." While those phrases arent bad per say, they aren't every girl's dream compliment.

My sister earlier on in this pregnancy (I know she meant the best and was trying to express how excited she was for me) but everytime I saw her she had a comment about how much I was growing and how big my belly was getting. So one day, in my best hormonal personality, I said something like, "If you're going to keep me updated on how big and fast I'm growing; you're going to get cut off." I later apologized.

Then, I remembered how I had meticulously schooled the beautiful women that I worked with while I was pregnant on appropriate things to say when you notice my growing frame. In case you missed those lessons, then using phrases like this is how it works best...

"What? No, your bootie is definitely not bigger than your belly."

"You must be have a premie because you belly is so small."

(If we're out to dinner) "You should get dessert; you need it."

(If I'm looking especially frumpy) "Wow, Melissa, you look like you're losing weight."

Now I know I can hear some of you thinking, "So you want me to lie?" Just while I'm pregnant. :) Then, once this baby pops out then please revert to phrases like:

"Do you want to be my work out partner?"

"Want to meet up for a salad?"

Alright, I'll quit yacking and unveil the belly. This is baby girl (still unnamed) and me while we were swinging Isaac this morning.

We love you!


Monty said...
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The Durham's said...

Ok, first of all.....I AM AS BIG AS YOU ARE AND I AM 13 WEEKS! So there! HA! Secondly, you have never and will never be "big!" You carry children beautifully:) You are precious and I especially love the "rod" in the back pocket:) That's what I'm talkin' about....we are training, molding and growing all at the same time:) Love you!

The Bearded Lady said...

Is that the board of education in your back pocket? I too am the proud owner of that very rod. May I use it to His Glory!

You look WONDERFUL!!!!

Michawn said...

i noticed the same thing...only because it is a VERY familiar sight around here (the back pocket ornament). ha ha ha. you are super cute, girl!

Jodi said...

Hey Melissa,
Im 15 weeks now and ginormous compared to that little belly! But take it in stride sister! Pregnancy is beautiful, who cares if we are gaining weight- thats what happens! Love ya!

Our Little King-dom said...

You are so precious, and it looks like you are just bloated....not 20 some odd weeks pregnant! Love the outing is complete without the rod tagging along. Love you guys! :-)

Bella said...

Seriously Mel, No lies here... You are still smaller than me... AND I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT!!!

Anonymous said... seriously look about 8weeks pregnant!! i hardly see any bump AT ALL!

-mel h.

Anonymous said...

melissa ,

u look GREAT!!!!!! :)

love you girl..

carrie clay