Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Are We Trying to Turn into Bread?

Today I was reading through Matthew 4 and the temptations of Christ.

I asked God, "After fasting 40 days, why is it so wrong to turn the rocks into bread? Wouldn't that demonstrate His power? Wouldn't that meet his need? What's wrong with a little bread for a man who was without for 40 days??"

I can see why it wouldn't have been good for him to throw himself down from the rock or bow down and worship Satan. But having a little bread?

Here is what I believe could be a practical application for us today. What are those things in our life that we try to make "God" that are apart from His timing, His provision, or His blessing? Those things that may even be legitimate needs or desires that are not "wrong." We try to create provision and make things happen. We try to baptize our strivings as from His hand when actuality they are from "The Tempter" himself.

I'm pondering that today.

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Anonymous said...

Profound friend. And somewhat painful. Thanks for taking me to a new place of contemplation. You are so wise. Jan G.