Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm seeing...


A few weeks after we lost our baby, Joe went to a men's conference in Dallas. While he was at the conference, he emailed me saying that he had a dream that we had a little boy named Joel Robert. It made me smile but my heart was still really hurting.

Then, a few weeks after that (two days before my check up where I would find out the big news), I had a dream that I had a little wavey brown-haired toddler boy named Joel Robert.

From 6 weeks until 13 weeks, I had quite a few sonograms when they were trying to find out what was going on with my pregnancy and direct me accordingly. At my 10 week sonogram, the doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex and I of course said YES! She said, "Well, I usually don't make calls this early but if you look on the screen you can see a little penis." Sure enough with my very own eyes I saw what looked even to a lay person's eyes a cute 10 week old man part.

We were convinced. Joel Robert it is. We were just waiting on the 20 week sonogram to confirm that it was indeed a little boy.

I have always dreamed of having my mom come to a sonogram with me and was so excited when our schedules aligned for her to come with us for the full anatomy scan. The famous question people always ask is "Which do you want- a boy or a girl?" I can say with complete sincerity that I would love to EITHER! Two little boys would be too cute and a boy and a girl- isn't that what everyone wants- one of each.

(I just have to interject that while I type this, without solicitation my little man is sitting on the couch next to me ferociously reading Joe's Bible as if he can understand every word. You know I want to get my camera but that would surely ruin the moment.)

So...no need to keep you in suspense. The very first screen that they pull up is the perfect shot and the man asks if we want to know. YES, PEOPLE, YES! He says that is without a doubt a little GIRL! A girl?!? A girl! Is he serious? Or are these people toying with my emotions?

I told the sonographer our story so they brought in a second sonographer without knowing what he found to see if she found the same thing. SURE ENOUGH! We got lots of pictures of her little girly parts! On top of all of that, all of her organs and anatomy were growing just right, they said there are no signs of there ever being a hemorrhage, and my placenta (which was low lying before and were monitoring it for placenta previa) is in perfect position. Could there be any better news! GLORY!

We were still in complete shock! Totally excited and couldn't believe that we were really having a girl. What joy; what adventure; what fun; what a blessing!

So all that to say, there is no name yet because girl names are so difficult for me. We are still praying and we'll keep you posted on sweet baby girl's name.

Let me tell you that we did not plan the pink attire at all- I mean, we are wearing all pink-isn't that fun!?!


Nicole said...

Wooo Hooo!! Bring on the pink! :)
SO excited about her and cannot wait to take her shopping with Grams! :)

Love you

Michawn said...

so fun!! that pink 'coincidence' was too cute.

and, it really must be jolie, right? (or joely...whatever...that's what i call joel by the way). jolie roberta? ;)


Hendrick Family said...

Yay for little girls! Not that I would know anything about them...but still...YAY!!

Excited to see you this week!


Anonymous said...

How fun! You know that might mean there are at least three arrows in your quiver. So thrilled to hear the good news - that all is well! You are positively glowing in this picture. Your mom looks really happy too! Love you so much and congratulations. Can't wait to meet her and to hear her beautiful name. I love you. Jan G