Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its that time again...

Okay, so its that infamous time in the Terry pictures. I love photography. Not that I am a photographer, but I love photography blogs, seeing what other photographers do and seeing the art that photography can be.

I, yes I, have been cutting Isaac's hair. His hair grows so fast and gets long in the weirdest places that I have probably already given him about 6 hair cuts. But I figured for pictures, I better leave it to the professionals. So I made an appointment for both of my boys with the girl who did my hair last (it was a salon mind you, not a barber shop :)

Just before we were going to pull in, I asked the hubbs if he would pull into the gas station. He inquired, "What for?" Well, I just wanted to get a piece of candy to have on hand for an emergency. We both start cracking up to which he comments, "So, we've reduced our parenting style to bribery." For family pictures....yes :) I have just heard many a stories of perfectly wonderful children who have a meltdown in the barber's chair. I thought it would be a good precaution.

So I picked up this little life preserver for 22 cents :( (Lomama, you'd be proud)

When Joe saw what I had picked out he said, "Hmmm, candy-coated sugar. Get him wired so he'll wiggle in the chair. Good plan."

Now, we are ready :)

Let me tell you, that boy hopped up into that chair, she put a smock on him with flip flops and he sat as still as an 18 month old could sit. It was probably one of his top 3 cutest things he has ever done.

This is him when he first got in the chair.

At the end he was moving his head a little so Joe was reading him a book.

He is getting more ready every day for being a big brother!


The Durham's said...

I just smile when I look at those little cheeks! He is so cute, Mel! I love this and he does look so old sitting in that chair;) He will be a fantastic big brother!!

Courtney Tolson said...

I hope today was great, I was praying for y'all! Thank you for praying for my studying and exam, it went so much better than I expected! :)

Webber Family said...

He is getting so big! He is adorable! Miss seeing you guys:)

Anonymous said...

He is so good looking! The cutest thing...makes me want to have another! No, wait! What am I saying? It makes me glad you are going to have another. Love u! Jan G.