Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Praise Confuses the Enemy!

As I have mentioned before, we like to bring a little soul to Southfork with some praise parties. We shut the bedroom door and little man and I get our praise ON! I thought you might want to take it up a notch in your house, so I thought I would send you to one of our favorite links.

"Can you dance with me!?! You know if you were at the club, you'd be dancin'! So you better get up on them 9 1/2s and dance"- Kirk Franklin


The Durham's said...

"G.P. are you with me?! Oh, yeah, we havin' church, we ain't goin' no where!" --Kirk Franklin
The Durham's get down to a little K.F. pretty often:) We need to get our praise sessions together and bring some walls down! Love you!

Michawn said...

did you know that one of my greatest friends in the whole world (grew up with her) sings with K.F.? oh yeah.

so, your links both went to the same place. just thought i'd let you know. i'd love to know what one of your favorite links is.

loves ya!

momma bee said...

hey...maybe we can put together a band and come out to the ranch for a real rockin praise party!!?