Thursday, April 30, 2009

God, You did good...REAL GOOD.

Last week we celebrated our anniversary. Three glorious years. I was searching for our photographer to see what he's been up to and I found that he still has a few pictures of our wedding on his website! In lieu of including photos in my post, I thought that would be more fun to view if you're interested in that sort of thing.

My man surprised me with a night away to a resort in The Woodlands. Divine.

His present to me was the best present He has ever given me. He wrote down a very condensed version of "our story" from His perspective.

Words. They're my love language. When someone says something meaningful to me, it swirls around in my head over and over. Maybe that's why I must cling so desperately to God's Word.

To be honest, I didn't know Joe was a writer but after reading his letter and shedding a few tears... I was thinking, "Dang." I have wanted him to be a "guest blogger," but he hasn't taken my bait. He also wrote me the most romantic poem but that's just for me, but we thought it would fun to share the letter with you. I guess its the closest I'll get to him being my guest blogger. I hope you get a glimpse of why I'm so crazy about him and it is nothing short of a miracle he puts up with me and all of my shenanigans. God, You did good...real good!

"To my lover and my friend:

Before I met you, I would daydream about my future wife, and all that I could dream does not compare with who you are. An anniversary is a celebration of the love that one holds for another. Today, I celebrate you.

I never knew when I would get married or where I would meet my wife; only God could have orchestrated that she would be my neighbor. I still remember the first time I met you. It was at Life Challenge, and you were wearing Capri jeans, really white tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. I know I was in church, but I thought to myself “she is really hot!” That initial acquaintance was followed by a formal introduction that Sunday night at Ralph Street. Afterwards, when returning home, I told Kenny, “there is something different about that Melissa girl, but I can’t seem to place it”.

The next couple of months were bliss for me. I couldn’t wait to spend time with you. I was so excited at the thought of going on a walk or bringing dinner back to Ralph Street. Those months were such a joyful time for me as I was getting to know the woman that I would spend that rest of my life with.

After that season, you moved to the lake. Many nights I was filled with sorrow and missed you tremendously, but I always knew that it was the best thing. I knew that God needed to have some one -on-one counseling sessions with me. It was tough season for me, but one that I would never change. I remember praying for you every night and imagining that Jesus and I were sitting on the roof of the prayer room watching over you while you slept.

Then came Julie’s wedding. Oh, the joy that filled my soul when you said it was ok that I started calling you. The next few months flew by, and there I was, on a chilly morning in November preparing to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. That night after our engagement dinner, I lay in bed really wondering if this was all real, and if Melissa Spry really just said that she wanted to marry me!

The winter and beginning of spring was filled with bridal books, and brainstorming and all the while I was falling more in love, each and every time I laid my eyes on you. Then, in what seemed liked an eternity for me, came the glorious day that we are celebrating today, April 29, 2006. That evening, the small country church in Longview, TX began to fill with friends and family. Amidst the hustle and bustle and last minute details, my heart was beginning to beat faster and faster with the thought that in a matter of moments all of us along with the throne room of Heaven would celebrate the covenant that we were about to enter.
Wow, how God has blessed us over the last three years. We have moved four times, given a dog away, taken some nice trips, made some great friends, had some lodgers, laughed a lot, cried a lot, been blessed with the most amazing son, been blessed with the most beautiful daughter (who we will meet one day), and have grown closer with our God. Each day I get to spend with you is another day that I fall more into love with you. Melissa Carolyn, you are truly a treasure and I am humbled that you have chosen me. I love you, adore you and celebrate you today, April 29, 2009.

Forever yours...

Joseph Daniel"

I love you baby!


Michawn said...

dang girl...that's good. i esp. love the part about sitting on the roof of the prayer room. ahh. so sweet!! what awesome men of God we are both so blessed prayer room dwellers. ;)

The Bearded Lady said...

I am so happy for you!!! Your hubby and you are just too precious!!


The Durham's said...

Now that's beautiful! THIS is what God intended for marriage! Love you guys!

sevans said...

That is so sweet. Words, something you can take to heaven.

Love it.

Jen Sprayberry said... awesome! God is such a great match maker. You are both so blessed. Love you! Happy Anniversary.

AnnaElise said...

I'm so crying... I know I've told you and Joe that I'm so thankful that God would give my friend such an incredible man to take care of her, but I really can't say it enough. I'm so thankful that the both of you love God and love eachother so much. What a blessing you both are as you grow closer... thank you for letting me be one of those lodgers :-) and for sharing this! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Mel! I can't believe I forgot your anniversary...must have had "Paris brain!" What a good man you have...such sweet words! So glad you had a great day celebrating...happy 3 years to you both...and many more to come!
Love you,

Lauren Hafernick said...

whew...that's a doozy, had me shedding a tear. wow.