Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Baby's Bilingual

I promised Anna that I would put it a video of my bilingual baby on my blog, so here you go my sweet friend!

Okay, maybe he's not bilingual but a few weeks ago, his 5th word in life was "agua." He kept saying the same word over and over again. I didn't realize what he was actually saying until the next week. We have quite a few Hispanic people who work on the Ranch and he has picked that up. All liquids are classified as "agua" and all food he calls "crak-er."

p.s. him saying the word is at the very beginning of the video and he even says it with a mexican accent, which cracks me up. Because I couldn't leave you with a video of my sweet boy getting all choked up on his water, I had to add this one too.


AnnaElise said...

Thank you!!!! I love it! He's getting SO big!!!! And so cute :-) I'm cracking up! So adorable. :-) love you all!

Michawn said...

aww, he is SO SO SO SO cute!! love him. can't wait to see him in person!

Anonymous said...

oh mel!!! i'm so sorry to read of your loss! that brought tears to my eyes. i'm thankful that we serve of God of compfort. Praying He contiues to wrap is arms around you during this time!

-melissa h.

Jen Sprayberry said...

That's awesome! Love it. He's soooo darn cute. That's a lot of cuteness in one little body!