Friday, July 1, 2011

little maverick

We have shared the God's saving news with Isaac on a variety of occasions but as the truth progresses he loses interest, moves on, plays with toys, ropes some chairs, races down the know...boy stuff.

Lately, the Terry family has been discussing at dinner and throughout the day where we see Jesus in our day. The answers range from:

"Hanging out in the shade from the double wide"- mom
"Unexpected moment of quiet and journaling"- mom
"Answer to prayer"- dad
"Lollipops"- Isaac
"Dance"- Elyana

Then a couple of days ago, Isaac responded by saying...

"Jesus listening to my heart about loving Elyana"- Isaac

Last night it was just before bed and Isaac came to me excitedly, 'I know where I saw Jesus today, mama." I curiously replied, "where?" He said, "I want to surrender my life and my heart to Jesus."

I said, 'You do? Well, do you want to pray right now?"

(This is usually the point where he has said on several occasions- 'Not yet' or 'maybe later') but this time he quickly responded "yes!"

I continued, "Do you pray and repeat after me."

My little maverick interjected, "mama, I got this."

"Jesus I give you my life and my heart. i love you."

He paused, looked up at me, so I prompted him, "Thank you for dieing on the cross and paying the penalty of my sin. Thank you that you wash me clean, that you give me a new heart and new spirit to follow you." His precious three year old voice repeating every few words.

Immediately afterwards, he exclaims, "My heart is so happy!"

We know that he is three and his understanding of God's truth is limited, but we pray that this is the beginning of a life long journey of honoring and following God.

Thank you to so many of you who have demonstrated God's extravagant kindness to our little guy and for living what it means to be a Christ follower.

Isaac, I have really seen God's grace in you as you have depended on God's strength as we left the community that we loved so much at New Life. I see you as you graciously serve our family, think about others before yourself, consider how you can be a blessing to you neighbor, and desire to use your strong will to help others. God keeps reminding me that He made you strong for a reason and I sure hope that I have a front row seat the whole way. I am honored to be your mama. I love you.


Kirby said...

Aww, Mel! I love this. And that little Maverick.

Jen said...

Yay Isaac! So sweet. Can't wait to hear more of how God is moving in his precious little heart.