Monday, June 13, 2011

I survived...with a meltdown (or five).

(at least they think so in Austin)

Summer. Sweet and sweaty summer. Oh how I love your ways.

May started off with a bang.

Jesus and I have been working through my control issues....well...all of 2011. There is no better way to put an exclamation point on such a time than by leaving your children for three separate overnights all in one month. For some they may say, "you are crazy! That sounds like my dream month." Oh but that is my worst nightmare. There is nowhere this mama likes her children best than around her ankles and in her arms.

Me and Jesus, we are going to new places. So I took a deep breath, gave thanks for wonderful opportunities, and left the rest to God.

The first stop was our anniversary overnight where we stayed at the Mansion at Judges Hill, walked all over Austin, popped into random hot spots, and Joe counseled me through my control issues each step of the way. Sad but true ;)

Next stop was a wonderful weekend with Nicole and her mentors. It was refreshing time with wonderfully wise women and an impartation of God's goodness through each one of them. Sigh...just what I needed.

Lastly, we spent the weekend with my family celebrating my awesome grandpa's 80th birthday in none other than Las Vegas. This was the view from our room.

Vegas isn't necessarily "our thing" but we had so much fun in unexpected ways. Before children I could do some damage by the pool but since kids it is a far distant reality. I really relished laying by the pool with my mom and sister laying on either side catching up on life together.

We all got to eat at Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa, and celebrate grandpa's precious life.

The grand kids who were present.
One of my other favorite parts was hanging out with my beautiful cousin, Kristen. Growing up as the two oldest grand kids, we were infamous for bossing, pranking and picking on all the younger kids.

By far the part I will cherish most is the time spent with Joe reminding being reminded of sweet romance. That I'm not just the diaper changin', house cleanin', meal cookin', house managin' roommate and he's not just the financial guru that makes a million plates spin at once including house, kids, jobs, ministry, mentoring and the list could go on a mile. We laughed, told stories, made stories, and snuggled up in each other's arms without diaper bags, kiddie snacks, or a spanker for almost three full days.

Whew! I survived. I made it back without having a psychological meltdown.
The kids, on the other hand, hardly batted an eye. (isn't that the way those sorts of things go?)

All spell-bounding grace.

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Michawn said...

melissa terry, i have that exact swimsuit. love it. lime ricki? that's where i got mine. love them. looks like a great time...glad you were able to enjoy, and learn. very cool.