Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I appreciate a good baked good in my life

When it comes to my favorites, baked goods are up there. Candy, cakes, pies...I can do without. Put me in the organic bakery & cafe near my home where the baker arrives at 3 a.m. to make by hand each exquisite delicacy with great care and my mouth waters.

One of my kitchen hobbies is trying to make bread the healthiest as possible. I have been wanting to try baking with almond flour so yesterday I gave it my first go around.

3 cups of Almond Flour
1/3 cup of honey
3 eggs
3 very ripe bananas
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp of cinnamon and nutmeg
1 tbs of vanilla
2 tbs flax seed
1 scoop protein powder
1/4 cup coconut oil (or oil of your choice)

I first smashed all the bananas, then added the rest of the ingredients. Then, just to keep things lively I folded in one cup of 70% dark chocolate chips.

I put it in an loaf pan and baked it at 350 degrees for 55 minutes. Don't let it get too overdone- nothing worse than dry almond flour bread, eek!

Happy Baking!

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Megan said...

I very much miss all of your delicious breads!! Yum! :)