Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're not in Normangee any more

There have been a number of times in our two weeks in atx that we have scratched our head and tried not to look so utterly dumbfounded.

Our boy has felt the changes too. We have also had to redirect pointing and stares. Son, we're not in Normangee any more.

He has also been a little more emotional and talked about each one of his favorite people that he misses so.

In an attempt to convince him that we are not in San Fransisco and we have not forsaken the lone star state, we took him to the Austin Rodeo.

This last week, our son has tried to turn our trailer into an arena. He has spent hours trying to rope our dog, Madi. He will exclaim, "Introducing...Isaac...Thomas...Terry!!!" while he runs in and tries to steer wrestle our dog to the ground.

The other day as we were approaching three solid hours of rodeoing, I decided to secretly tape a little excerpt so you could have a little taste of our cowboy.

If that weren't enough, he thinks that boots go with any outfit.


Meme said...

sooo sweet. ropin' the baby cow :-). Love it. I know where your at friend. Moving to a new town can be just like moving to a new country! There are days I have to tell myself outloud.. I live in Texas, not mexico. When we tell Balin we are going to church he still asks hopefully, "will the curriveans be there." Hang in there while the new new normal sets in.

melissa h. said...

so cute mel!! but you need to make your pics bigger!!! they are so tiny and hard to see!!!

Anonymous said...

i am missing you right now... i can just picture isaac doing that :). precious. praying for you <3