Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life as We Have Known It

Its been the little unexpected things that have caused the water to swell in my eyes. The things of life that have become so normal in this season. The things I have taken for granted.

Today as I was packing boxes, Isaac came rushing in. "Magdaleno is at the pool; can I help him?" This scenario has happened hundreds of times but this time the tears came. Isaac looked at me with all concern in his eyes, "mom, are you whining?" With a big sigh I responded, "No son. They are happy tears. God has been so good to us here. He has been so good to your mom when she was a total brat. He has blessed me so much more than I deserve."

I took him outside to help our ranch foreman clean the pool and came back into pack. Within a few minutes, I looked out to see them standing at the fence looking out at the horses. Then the tears in my eyes gave way to overwhelming sobs of utter gratefulness.

We have been spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. This pantry is is more than 15 people could ever need. Nice, well-designed pantry, I will miss you. Yes, I am spoiled rotten.

Then, the beautiful people at New Life didn't just give us a hug good bye on our last Sunday there, they sent us out as missionaries to Austin. They laid their gentle hands on our shoulders and prayed big prayers and believed with us for mighty things as we head to the place that God has called us.

That night it was the unexpected things that stirred my emotions. It was the big, burly men who have many responsibilities, but yet they model true manhood,godliness for our boy.

Its the college people who scooped our kids up in their arms and whispered how much they are going to miss them. It was all the women who have blessed me over and over with their friendship, love and wisdom. We cherish each one and co-laboring with them has been utter joy.

We left sent and well- loved. Thank you.

We are enjoying our last week with life as we have known it.

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Michawn said...

this made me tear up. i know those feelings all too well. praying for your transition, melissa. love y'all.