Friday, March 11, 2011


Just in case you're new to the country ways, like yours truly, then let me introduce you to how you move redneck style....

Who needs a uhaul when you've got a horse trailer for the "good stuff" and a rickety trailer for the "if-it-falls-off that-trailer-it'll-be-alright-stuff?"


We busted into capital of Texas like a tornado. Our new home looks like it was ransacked by some bandits. We tried to make a small dent today but much looms ahead of us tomorrow. I am just plain tuckered out. I have used every last one of my brain cells, it took everything in me to lay my sweet baby girl in her crib tonight, and I have been prying my eyes open for so many hours that I might have to manually shut them.

I can't quite show you the inside but I couldn't go to sleep without showing you a little glimpse of new country castle. Cue theme song

Well, I've got to go draw my polyester curtains and head to my sleeping coma.

Love you all.


Kirby said...

I've been thinking about you ALL day sweet friend as I've had my Terry withdrawals since I was overdosed with two full days of you! (And each time I applied my new lipgloss, I was praising God for your generosity.)

So good to have a mental picture of where you now abide! Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!

Megan said...

I'm with Kirby... I have been thinking of you all day today too!!

So glad for a glimpse... can't wait to see more!

Love you so stinkin' much!!!

Michawn said...

cute casa.

and girl, moving *is* exhausting. hope you had a good sleep and are getting it all put together.

Bee said...

Yipee Kai Yay! You and Joe can finally tell everyone that you are "shacking up"! Just kidding. I know that this is a developing time for you....and I know you will grow to love the closeness of living in a smaller space. It's cosy. I look back on all our moving and living adventures, and the smaller places when we didn't have much are so precious to me in my memories! And I know it may seem weird, but we will probably see you more now that I have to go into Austin every 3 months.

love you, love you, love you so much my bright and beautiful girl!