Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love birthdays

I love birthdays.

We were doing all kinds of preparations for my sister's wedding during Elyana's birthday and then we were in the thick of packing boxes and trying to make heads out of tails with our life when Isaac's birthday rolled around. One night late in February, I had a mommy meltdown about how I felt like the ultimate deadbeat mom and thought my children were deprived of the glory of creative childhood celebrations.

Obviously, I needed a little dose of reality and a heart check.

I keep remembering so many cherished girlhood memories of my mother's thought-filled, Martha Stewart birthday ways. I am a Thanksgiving baby so she even planned an "unbirthday" (like from Alice in Wonderland) in the summer so I could have a swimming party filled with pool rings, diving boards, and sun screen. Sigh...moms are the best.

As I was going through the pictures of his actual birthday, I was reminded of God's sweet grace to orchestrate Isaac's perfect day in the midst of our life that was waste deep in transition.

My boy is a kolache man. While some kids beg for donuts, he asks for kolaches. He woke up to a "kolache date" with our little family and we asked the ranch staff (his bffs) to come along.

Then, the Taylor family offered to come help us pack so the boys got to be ALL boy in our quickly emptying home together with ranch adventures, dog chasing, and sheep escaping to boot.

I love birthdays.

If life couldn't be any sweeter, Charlie and Joe took the kids to Gattiland to eat from the pizza mountain and be over stimulated by all the electronic fun they could handle.

Then, if that isn't the most over the top fun you've ever heard of, kristy and aubrey brought a delicious cookie cake with a tractor (isaac's fav) to small group to celebrate with all of the other loves of his heart.

A few days ago, the kids and I were hoping in the car and just as I had gotten far enough down the road that turning back wasn't an option, I realized that I had forgotten diapers and wipes. I whispered my forgetfulness chastising myself for my absent minded ways that have become so daily present.

Without even skipping a beat Isaac declares, "Mom, don't worry."

A simple command. A reminder of God's truth through my precious three year old.

Thank you sweet boy for speaking the truth over your mama! I love you and hope you know how wild we are about you.

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