Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Yet Important Note

Its been such a fun weekend already. My man and I snuck away for our first night alone since baby girl came along. We ate a-mazing food, bought a new journal to write down all that God is going to do in this next season, enjoyed live music and dessert, played a marital game ;) (we encourage one another toward love and GOOD DEEDS here!), woke up late (8 a.m.), enjoyed a coffee, paid for a day pass at a gym so he could whip me in racquetball, and headed home. We have some really amazing college girls to thank for taking such beautiful care of our little ones- Bless Meredith, Elizabeth, and Brittany 100 fold! Our children slept all night, were peaceful and in a sound mind to boot! Now that is a miracle of His greatest kind.

On another note, I'm memorizing scripture with the ladies on Beth Moore's blog. I did this in 2009 and I'm still bearing fruit of God's thoughts that I memorized then. I am so excited to be doing it again with them this year. There is not many things I love more than writing His word on this nasty, sinful heart of mine and watching Him do a work that only He can do.

Its not too late- you should do it too! To top it off, I ordered extra of her little spirals that she had made. If you will do it with me, then I will mail you your very own spiral! So email me at melissa (at) and I will put it in the mail Tuesday (no mail Monday with MLK day)

Who's in?

Alright, well, I'm out the door to my sister's bachelorette/lingerie party! Wahoo!


melissa h. said...

me me me!!!

Megan said...

I am SO, SO glad y'all had such a fun night on Friday!! And I'm sure your sister's shower was a BLAST... I need to see pictures of all your craftiness!!

If you have extra spirals I will do it with you! If not I can just bum off of yours or get one off of her site.

Love you friend!!

Kirby said...

Love and good deeds! Always a fun thing!! You crack me up, girl!

Will you bring me one tonight? I should have cash on me so let me know how much!

Jen said...

I'm tooootally in!

The Durham's said...

So glad you guys got away:) Sounded glorious! Hope you are well and I hope we can catch up soon:)

Rebecca Hayes said...

Hi Melissa! Do you have anymore left? :)